Brendan Rodgers is said to be fighting for his job as new report claims fall out with clubs director of football

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According to website Football Insider there are negative vibes between the manager and the Director of Football, Jon Rudkin. From looking in from outside you can easily see that the manager is under some sort of pressure, and we all know what will happen if results are not going as expected even if you cannot sign a single player.

Brendan Rodgers has put money on fire in the past and his recruitment work is not much to brag about as his players are too many and his squad logistics are far from perfect. The signings of Wesley Fofana, James Justin and Youri Tielemans works in his favour, but still money are used with a bit of risky moves being made.

When the man in charge decides to talk in the open about being frustrated with the backing, he needs to look himself in the mirror as his management in total looks a bit problematic.

To be a club without any first team signings done ths summer, you know why and needs to adapt to what is going on and also be able to talk in public without doing the club any harm. If you slip in one or two of your comments, journalists will come after you like lions in a jungle.

No more notes regarding this story from Football Insider. Putting it all together in a big picture you will see a pattern of some sort of friction being there. TCF believe at this point it will be foolish to move Brendan Rodgers on and instead try to find a workthrough that will sort this situation out.

The problem with Brendan Rodgers is that he is an outsider as all football managers looks to be in this environment. The fact that he still is regarded as one of the best in his trade and has been long term, makes him ideal man for the job.


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