Flying out from Norway and Sweden for season opener vs. Brentford, looking at the broad picture of support home and away

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To be present at a season opener is not usual stuff for me as a fan from over the sea. The last time it happened was as far back as 2012 when Leicester played Peterborough. Jamie Vardy had his league debut and did see Wes Morgan and Andy King scoring as we went home with a 2-0 win in the bag.

To be back again was lovely and watching Leicester live is a real thrill and always exciting from our special view at the SK1. To also have my name on the stadium wall is something to think about. You are Leicester blue through and through.

Was also present on the last game of last season vs. Southampton and hoped for a grand return and a positve result as we travelled out.

In the stands on Sunday was also had a group from Sweden of loyal Leicester fans. Some of them had not seen a live game with Leicester in three years, other members managed to get a trip last season.

The base of followers from abroad are coming in different groups and people do fly in from several destinations to watch the club. The following of the club is spread all over, but still not as many as some other clubs in Premier League.

Scandinavia do have a special following of English clubs since they had live coverage of games from England long before they had the same of their own leagues.

Magazines such as Shoot and Goal were available in the shops and you managed to get a grand following up that made English players big stars over the sea. Usually in the past English clubs travelled to play Scandinavian teams in pre-season and we do have fun memories.

The fanbase of Leicester is a major one in geographical distance, but in total a minor compared to those other massive sides that we all know about. The club do have different fan branches also in England, as they follow the club around. London Foxes is one with a long tradition, and then you of course have the official Leicester City Supporters Club. A relatively new established group called Union FS has been behind the establishment of a singing section and sitting beside this area they are looudly singing their songs and giving the atmosphere a lift everytime.

They are all making their mark as they try to build the fanbase larger. In the Nordic region you also have one named Arctic Foxes Supporters founded as far back as 1996. China and Hong Kong are others showing interest. You can find two different supporter brances in Australia, one representing the total continent another just for those living in Sidney.

The football club have an update on us all, showing a grand map of everyone and where we are. Lovely to see the commuity spread out over a World map, but of course those living in and around Leicester and those with a family based attachment to the club and the city carries the most important fan relation as that is the roots and the reason why this football club excist and lives on.

50 years since my support for Leicester started with a live game vs. West Ham as the one I can remember being the first, it was in December 1972. In front of a black and white TV as Leicester actually wore all white, and my interest grove as I looked for Leicester in the league tables in the weeks after this game. A bag came to me down from a shelf at a local sports shop and that was that, Leicester forever. Players of that generation also helped me to be a grand fan. Peter Shilton, Jon Sammels, Steve Whitworth, Frank Worthington, Keith Weller, Alan Birchenall, Len Glover and Graham Cross were some of them, all either on the wall in pictures or in my scrap book collection.

Trying to come over for games four to five times a season in the past, and all games are listed in a diary at this site. Always good to keep track on all of them. Some of course easier to remember than others.

Since we all became addicts of social media and we got familier with facebook, twitter, instagram and every other app available, new and exciting groups of support has turned up from different people representing themselves or with special names and even some with avatars, as they represent different districts on this globe, and they all show grand support, lovely to see.

To have a view you can of course visit our link section of supporter clubs, facebook groups and twitter accounts we do recommend to follow and look up.


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