Tielemans transfer saga close to end as Arsenal looks to complete move in good time before transfer window close

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Latest update tells us that Youri Tielemans could soon be an Arsenal player. A bid will be put forward to finally get this move completed.

Youri Tielemans has been linked with Arsenal all summer with personal terms being sorted as the move could swiftly go through when Leicester agree to let this happen.

Leicester have struggled to get deals done and the wait has seen a lot of unsettled situations and of course results are seen in the frame.

Leicester have one draw and two defeats to count so far in Premier League and two of those games are at home, so it tells a story of a team in unbalance.

Arsenal are close to a complete group of talent that can challenge for those four top positions as they are top of the table at present with three massive wins so far, one of them a 4-2 win at home to Leicester.

Leicester are probably looking for £30million, but media believe that £25million is enough. We will see what it all adds up to when the deal goes through.


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