What is the problem with Chelsea as they unsettle player with useless bids and are far from fair play in transfer activity

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Wesley Fofana has a price tag and valued to £85million, we believe it would cost Chelsea £75million to get their man, while it is said that Leicester have turned down a third bid for the costly defender.

We are uncertain about Chelsea and their approach as they allready have unsettled the player and made him “not in the right frame of mind” to play football.

We all know that the business part of the game is one continuing as a sport in itself, but owners and buyers needs to know how this affect an individual.

To set a price on human beings in itself is very old fashion and could give you thoughts about the days when slavery had the same type of market. This type of business is in itself not the way to bring the game forward. But still old fashion and one way to bring one team above another.

Chelsea should know the situation well and if anything leaking to the press is correct they need to pay £85million. Would probably get the man for £75million. Looking at it from outside you do see someone trying to get a massive asset for as little as possible and this type of bidding is not good for anyone.

We do not know if everything is just press talk and not concrete material regarding this saga, but if it is why not just got to the shopping window, pay what the product has as a price and just finish the business, if there is no price, then ask what it takes to buy the product.

This is not good for anyone and especially the player who could end up being stuck at Leicester and not really making any positives out of this at all.


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