Arsenal still favorites to land Leicester midfielder but Liverpool could be a better alternative in a race of patience

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Reports are going back and forward regarding Youri Tielemans and his supposed move away from Leicester. In the meantime he just consentrates on playing and has so far been involved in all games this season.

Arsenal are still seen as favorite according to those sources we do listen to, but recent news about Liverpool also becoming a contender would of course please Leicester as they hopefully can get £30million and get this deal done once and for all.

Youri Tielemans must be a bit in limbo as well because Arsenal if they were really triggerd to go after him would probably have done the deal by now, but that has not happened and they are top of the table and to get a cemented place in this team for Youri Tielemans would be a difficult task.

Liverpool did struggle against Manchester United with a few injuries they were limited to play Elliott, Henderson and Milner in their midfield and sadly it showed the lack of quality during that game.

The fact that Youri Tielemans decided to withdraw from the idea to stay at Leicester must be seen as a blow in the face for Brendan Rodgers trying to build a momentum and a good team fighting for Champions League places, but for some reason players certain players are not interested.

We just hope that some day players will see themselves in the mirror and understand what loyalty towards those who really appriciate them do mean.


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