What we said on Fofana to Chelsea and what to expect regarding Liverpool “panic buy” or Arsenal move

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Chelsea tried to unsettle Wesley Fofana and Leicester over a number of weeks with different bids and had to come forward with an acceptable offer reaching close to the Leicester asking price.

TCF predicted a fee of £75million to be what it would take to win such a race and as we have seen that is the result after a few weeks of problematic and difficult talk regarding the player and his new club.

The move went through with different add ons and some more details in a contract that will tie up Wesley Fofana for six years at Chelsea and Stamford Bridge.

TCF looks at this move with a bit of relief as it will probably free up funds to buy one or two new players and also have a new chance to let players leave on loan as Chelsea becomes a fantastic sponsor for Leicester buying players for around £2billion in the last six years. Kantè, Drinkwater, Chilwell and Fofana are all players moving from Leicester to Chelsea for fantastic fees.

Leicester still needs to ship out more players as the squad count still is too high. Youri Tielemans is described as a “panic buy” if moving to Liverpool, as we have seen Anfield as a possible destination for the Belgian international. Arsenal are still keen, but we could also see this move being done in January or even dragging out towards next summer as a free transfer could be triggering. Youri Tielemans left the field at Chelsea with a bit of a worry and he might not be ready for an instant inclusion at a new club at this time, something that always is a problem and could stop a move going through.

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