Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers should have a closer look at this special talent before splashing out cash

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The development squad has shown great promise with a grand start in Premier League 2. One of their best players has been Tawanda Maswanhise. He has also been involved in first team affairs during pre-season and looks as a massive asset.

He impressed last season in the development environment and so far this season been scoring in every game adding up a total of 4 goals so far.

Leicester defeated Blackburn 4-0 away in their last game and has so far two wins, one draw and a defeat in their first four games. Maswanhise is a leading strike as his contribution is noticed.

He has been with Leicester since the age of 7 or 8, and taken the steps up to the U.21. Also been involved in a few pre-season first team games and looking very promising..

Instead of splashing out massive amounts of cash, Maswanhise should be given a proper chance as we did see happen with Harvey Barnes. He has great pace, done well in the development squad and it’s time for a place on the bench.

Let’s hope Brendan Rodgers will understand fast how the club can move forward and it’s not by using £1Billion on players not playing. He has a choice and that is to get players from the academy up and forward as the big money in hand should be used on players who are instant first team starters.


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