Brendan Rodgers Brighton press brief looks like one trying to get sacked as Celtic move comes to mind

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We all know how Leicester are in a difficult position, tied to the bottom of the table before going down to Brighton to compete with high flying Seagulls. Brendan Rodgers knows that anything else than points from this fixture will see him under heavy preasure.

His talk do not excactly criticise the board and the owners, but still words that frustrate fans as he looks resigned and without clues how to move forward.

We all know that if the club decides to end the relationship with Brendan Rodgers they will have to pay a heavy fee to keep their words regarding his contract.

Brendan Rodgers might have ideas of other jobs in mind, and could be heading abroad if that chance occure. He is one loving adventures as his moves in management has been full of surprises from being appointed at Liverpool to jump ship at Celtic.

To leave Celtic at the time he did was seen as a betrayal by massive numbers of fans and they felt disgust as he decided to join Leicester. The situation at Leicester has also been one of mixed emotions. He is at present looking baffled and not part of what is going on.

Aston Villa and Everton are clubs who could fit the picture for Brendan Rodgers as they both are in a bit of struggle. Wolves are also in trouble at the moment and that is another place that looks possible as pressure adds up on other managers too.

The next question will be, who can take over from Brendan Rodgers, is available and could get an immediate effect, of course, Marcelo Bielsa. He is available, he can step in at once and appointing him would be a game changer for Leicester. He would be fully in line with the club as one building on academy ideas, not talking of massive amounts to buy players and he would be loved from the first second entering the Leicester premises. His visions would unite heavily with fans of this football club. Bielsa has no fear and as we all know Leicester used to be fearless.


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