Could Leicester be next for potential World Cup winner in Qatar as the former West Ham player ticks all boxes

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Leicester owners will be under heavy pressure as Leicester cannot win any games at present. Playing Spurs away next will of course not be easy, so new candidates could be approached going forward.

The list of potential successors to Brendan Rodgers do include names such as Marcelo Bielsa, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Sean Dyche all out of work at present.

One interesting name is former Sevilla assistent Lionel Scaloni who has been in charge of Argentina since 2018 and has gone on a 32 game unbeaten run and broke the all time record for his country national team.

A winner of 2021 Coppa America and recently also the 2022 CONMEBOL UEFA Cup of Champions. The former West Ham defender who also had most of his life in football played in Europe. He did also play for Lazio, Atalanta and Santander among those European clubs.

You never know in the World of football and Lionel Scaloni is a very special man never been in charge of a football club as his only job in a club team was that at Sevilla before also being assistant for Argentina and in 2018 also taking over the job as Argentina first team coach.

If a list is drawn up Lionel Saloni should be one to approach as his status after the World Cup can be one to look at.


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