Watch Fairytale Foxes and be sure to get your Soccervoice news update as football is back this Saturday

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Amazon Prime is a grand platform to watch streams of quality content. Our sister site Soccervoice is one place promoting the actual Fairytale Foxes story out now. You also find all the latest on football with own views and verdicts.

The blog and portal does bring a number of great articles from different paths of football. You can also find interesting books, misc products and interesting topics published.

Fairytale Foxes is one stream all City fans should be following. As Leicester fans we are on a bit of a dipper at present and to look at this makes you remember those fantastic moments of football.

Loved this season as it was never to vanish, but as we all know the World moves on and we do get our knocks once or twice. When everything looked brilliant the nicest footballer on earth decided to jump ship and not be part of more fun as a fox.

Don’t miss out on all updates from Soccervoice, with one of their latest stories are about Joe Hart’s special prank that made us all have a grand laugh and a bit of fun.


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