Brendan Rodgers looks to survive international break as Brentford’s Frank experiences nightmare vs. Arsenal

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This last game was a huge step forward for Leicester and what happened in the last half an hour at the game should not be taken into any plans of Leicester going forward.

There are a lot of points to improve but this might have been the best performance under Brendan Rodgers away to Tottenham.

Looking at the list of candidates seen at the bookies you would surely not risk the future of this club to many of those men listed. Dyche and Frank looks far from ideal men to bring in.

Thomas Frank is seen as the major front runner at present, but his Brentford has in no way shown the quality Leicester did yesterday, in their game vs. Arsenal being 3-0 down with just a few minutes left of the game.

Looking at other names on the list and seeing Sean Dyche in there as a favorite makes it all look difficult and his football philosophy would stop every progress at the club. Dyche would bring stoneage footie to Leicester and the squad would revolt his type of approach.

TCF believe that Brendan Rodgers is under heavy pressure but still achieving what he has at Leicester and also coming through difficult periods in the past will see him getting a few more games to settle the ship and move everything in the right direction.

James Maddison had a brilliant game vs. Spurs, Youri Tielemans was also on his toes and the debut of Wout Faes makes it look as if this team can move on and turn to a winning set up.

Of course if the rot continues and Brendan Rodgers decides to keep playing Danny Ward as his preferred goalkeeper choice, he will be heavily punished.

Brendan has kept faith in Danny Ward but his presence makes everything shake as he looks out of control, not able to bring the calm needed, to be the goalkeeper of Leicester. Daniel Iversen did play a full season at Preston last term and should be given the gloves from now.

If Brendan Rodgers cannot find a winning path after the next three games he will surely be given a rest, but for now we do believe he will keep his job.

He looks eager to get the chance to do just that and hopefully that will be something that can make this unit stronger and push back to a higher position in the table.

To say he has not been given the tooles to make vital changes is so wrong as he has used £200million on players since he joined, but still owners and fans must understand that selling your best players season in and season out makes it a difficult task to replace them.

This will in the end stress out a manager even if he is among the best in football, sadly Brendan Rodgers has been punished hard as we have seen Ben Chilwell, Harry Maguire and Wesley Fofana all being sold even is Brendan himself said they were not for sale.

A key to success is honest and good communication and it looks as if Rodgers has been thrown under the buss by fans, owners and his own players at times, this would also happen to the next man in charge as it brings forward a cultural problem at Leicester as a club.


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