Leicester in desperate need for reinforcement, but fans believe in moderation instead of a new posh £35million signing

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Leicester fans are of course desperate to see their team win, and to go on a run as we have seen recently, gives us all a difficult time and no one makes a happy face, after these terrible results.

We are again in the middle of a January transfer window, and so far no new players are in, a number of rumours are flying, but still difficult to see the picture as deals looks far from being finished articles.

Leicester will always be interested in good players, but an agent talking of clubs making contact, or a scout opening his mouth or being seen at a game somewhere, can seldom be seen as certain proof of a move happening.

Watching on as news appear, fans will be reluctant to more “silly money” being thrown out on players not in the frame of meeting the standards needed to play at a level that will see Leicester as part of a Premier League top 10 finish, and again having so many players constantly out with injuries is of course a pattern and not a coincidence.

Playing at Premier League level is a heavy act, and the pressure on the body is massive, then to have a team of U.21 and having a grand squad of senior players makes it easy math to see that many of the fringe players will not be seen in action.

To keep everyone fit and ready and also make the rotation of certain players at the best level can be found in several computer outputs and if you neglect those factors you will end up as Leicester are at the moment, being desperate to get in players that can bring more quality to this team and squad, and at the same time having heavy injury problems.

Brendan Rodgers have in all used money on good projects, but also managed to splash out cash on players they do not really have a first team plan for, or haven’t really considered the down side of a move that could turn out negatively. Jannik Vestergaard, Caglar Soyuncu and Ayoze Perez are all examples of signings that has not made that impact, that we would usually believe would be seen, instead players signed for lower fees or coming from your own youth ranks have been thrown in. This is a danger of those type of moves and it will upset the hiararchy in the group.

Listening to different Leicester fans of recent, talk are about moderation and respect for the clubs future and regarding Gonzalez from Fiorentina and his supposed £35million move, fans are not really enjoying the picture seen, spending all that money on a project that could be seen as risky.

The picture of the past has been one difficult to handle for Brendan Rodgers as new players signed have seen the move to Leicester as a stepping stone and made it clear that their goal is clear and obvious. Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City are all buyers in this market and Leicester do struggle to convince key players to believe in Leicester as a place to stay.

The example of Nico Gonzalez is one to watch. He is just back in action after being two months on the sidelines and missing the World Cup. He is of course not 100% match fit and it could take time to get him into his best shape, and not having a clear plan for him, could see him as a new Slimani, Musa or Ghezzal. The fact that Leicester are fighting in a relegation battle would normally not see the club as a contender for a star player such as Gonzalez.

Loan options would be the ideal scenario at this point, adding players you would hope could give this team more power and energy and hopefully be able to play week in and week out and not rot on the bench. If you sign more “bench men”, then you could leave it, and forget it, what Leicester need is a few players that can make this team better.


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