Gonzalez said to be impossible and out of reach for Leicester as another January transfer window looks to go dry

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Leicester are in search for new players, but still you have a situation were players needs to shipped out and prices are inflated and totally idiotic, as most players are priced at a level that you should stay away from.

Nico Gonzales is said to be on the radar of Leicester, but still far from something that could happen, despite special sources believing the player himself has an agreement drawn up, this looks totally impossible.

How can Leicester negotiate salaries with a player said today to be “not for sale”, it looks as total madness. Leicester cannot approach a player, before the club he belongs to, agree to it, and in this matter no one looks to have had any special contact.

Leicester would have been lucky to get Nico Gonzales, but at present the price is too high and if you sign a player at that price level, you have to play him, if not, you can just let it be.

Brendan Rodgers looks to push his squad of players under the bus, as he needs another approach to football, when his team miss a number of first team players. Leicester had 61% possession in the game vs. Nottingham Forest and also created enough chances to win the game, but both goals from Forest came as fast moves and against defence totally out of balance.

The transfer window will be open for a few more days, but it looks to dry out again as possible signings and departures are far from going through, as it looks at present.

The only player that at this point could be on his way out is Caglar Soyuncu, but the rest of the squad looks to be needed to keep up with the numbers to play.

The squad vs. Nottingham Forest did see U.21 players McAteer, Braybrooke and Brunt included, with the latter also given minutes, but still looks far from being Premier League quality and this is of course a major problem for Brendan Rodgers.

What Leicester needs no is a James Maddison return, hopefully getting a few of the other players also back and we believe this will be enough to secure another season in the top, and fans again asking for Brendan Rodgers to step down, don’t really understand much and should all be ignored.

We can hopefully see some type of business being done in the last days of the market, but at this point, no rumour of a transfer looks close, and all those players being said to be potential signings looks far from any move to Leicester, but again things can change in the next days.


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