Brendan Rodgers said to be the ideal replacement for Antonie Contè as Brentford’s Thomas Frank looks a Leicester favorite

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One point from the last five Premier League games will not be convincing anyone that the future of Brendan Rodgeres is with Leicester. He has constantly critisized certain players and at present not really showing the signs of being a long term candidate to bring Leicester back on track towards their goal of staying on as a contender for European football.

He is constantly talking of Leicester pulling above their weight and in a way looking for a chance to get out. Leicester will probably not stay in the way for a move, if Spurs comes calling.

There are strong indications that Brendan Rodgers will be interviewed for the Spurs job as his canditature often has been seen in previous manager appintments processes at Tottenham. He was in the frame when Pochettino left, and of course also when Mourinho and Santo were appointed, with Spurs admiring his work done at Leicester.

His time with Liverpool and Celtic counts as well as his two fifth finishes with Leicester, FA Cup winners medal and securing a semi-final position in Europa Conference last season.

Brendan Rodgers has struggled to bring Leicester forward in Premier League in this and the previous season, looking down rather than up for the upcoming games as a relegation fight is on. A number of clubs are involved in this crazy run for survival and the Spurs job would be ideal for his next step in management.

Leicester cannot compete with the top four or five clubs in the country and attract certain players to join, but must be brave and smarter when they build their team with a certain Thomas Frank seen as the ideal man to go for. He does have a lot in commen with Brendan Rodgers as he has learned the game without being a top footballer himself and in that going the same route.

They are of course different with Thomas Frank probably having a more raw approach to results and looks far from a romantic man in approach to football. The more direct approach and brave appearance and also style could be more in line with Leicester fans and way of moving forward.

Thomas Frank is the type of manager that would look ideal as Leicester would look natural as a step up from his current club Brentford. He has worked wonders with The Bees, and with his base from Scandinavia, and that market being hot, as we see Norwegian’s, Swede’s and Danish players making their mark at the moment, Leicester will be chasing him to get him in.

Brendan Rodgers might be ready to make the switch as early as possible, that could lead to Leicester approaching Thomas Frank as fast as lightening.

Tottenham could be looking at Thomas Frank as a candidate, but his lack of title winning experience and Brendan Rodgers having a past at Liverpool and Celtic will most certainly see him tick more boxes at Spurs.


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