Certain areas of the Leicester fanbase, please stay away, your negativity can result in relegation and embarrassing to watch

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As a travelling Leicester fan from abroad, coming in for the game vs. Chelsea, you are looking for at least one easy job to be done, seeing the Leicester fanbase being 100% committed and behind the team and manager for all 90 minutes. This time, a massive shock to watch, as a big mob of fans did the total opposite.

Chelsea has also struggled lately, but still they do not let in many goals and looks to have turned the tide slightly, winning their last three games, including that win yesterday vs. Leicester. This made it difficult to believe that Leicester would get a great result on the day, even with massive positive support from their own.

Being in the stands with fellow Leicester supporters are always fun, but certain parts of this fanbase should really stay at home, instead of going to the game with banners of negativity, shouting bad language towards former Leicester players in the opposite team, being negative towards your own players and manager. Looking at it from distance, embarrasing.

Remember being at the same venue, back in 2014-15, it was so totally different. No one had at that time been spoiled, winning FA Cup’s and PL trophies, so we had little or no expectation, playing Chelsea. The atmosphere at the stadium was electric and players were pushed on, even if the team had no idea how to stop the opposition. Result on the day, 1-3. Leicester were 1-0 up at half time, but struggled 2nd half. Still we all wanted PL football next season, so the only solution was positivity and helping the team forward.

Yesterday Leicester were close to getting something and instead of full support, banners of negativity were seen at the stadium. If you cannot be positive and behind your own team and manager, stay at home.

We are many fans with different reasons to support, but still to see people leaving the stadium early, being negative and just give a damn about the club, the players and the manager, because at this time you are not getting what you believe you deserve, then you should leave your sad face at home, you are not needed at this point.

Leicester are in a battle for survival, then to see certain fans throwing the club under the bus, is a great dissappointment. “For Fox Sake” you are on telly around the globe, don’t make a total fool of yourself by turning up as a mob of negativity. This is bad publicity and showing a grim face of what is going on at a stage, that a few years ago, was seen as the ultimate “fairy story”.

Hopefully it will be possible to turn the tide going forward. One key in this, is to have a loyal fanbase, being positive towards the players and manager, in a difficult period of struggles.


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