Leicester, Forest and West Ham to stay up, Palace, Everton, Saints, Leeds, Wolves and Bournemouth do have reasons to be worried

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Brendan Rodgers, Steve Cooper and David Moyes are the three managers in the relegation fight that were in charge of their clubs when this season started. To change the manager during the season looks as a certain criteria to get relegated.

Palace, Everton, Saints, Leeds, Wolves and Bournemouth have one thing in commen, that is a key reason for relegation, sacking their manager. In the last ten years, 90% of the clubs sacking their manager, faced relegation.

Looking up those previous seasons, you will find this pattern at almost all clubs. If you would like to avoid relegation, just keep the man you had from the season start, the opposite will most certainly see you in serious trouble.

Burnley, Watford and Norwich were relegated last season, all of them changed their manager. In the 2020/21 season, Fulham, West Bromwich and Sheffield United faced relegation, all of them changed their manager.

Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich were relegated in the 2019/20 season. Norwich and Bournemouth kept their manager, Watford had three different men in charge. Norwich kept Daniel Farke and came straight back up. Eddie Howe was in charge at Bournemouth and was given the boot after the season. They ended 6th in the Championship the season after, and had two managers in charge, Jason Tindall and Jonathan Woodgate.

In the 2018/19 season, Huddersfield and Fulham were relegated, both of them sacked their manager. Neil Warnock who was in charge of the third relegated team, Cardiff, left the club a few months later in November 2019. They have never returned to the top flight.

Looking back in the years at Leicester and their relegations, you will find different scenarios.

The last time Leicester faced relegation from the top flight, back in 2003-04, they stood by Micky Adams after he had promoted the team the season before. The prior relegation, happening in 2001/02, Peter Taylor got an early sack in October, but the appointment of Dave Bassett and later Micky Adams did not stop the rolling stone.

When Leicester did see the drop to the 3rd tier, back in 2007/08, Ian Holloway was the third man in charge that season. Martin Allen got the sack, early on, for other reasons than the table position. Gary Megson, coming in to take over, got a chance to join Bolton in the Premier League and moved on, and then the appointment of Ian Holloway never worked out. Holloway left shortly after the season end.

Leicester’s very first season in Premier League, 2004-05, ended in relegation and we had a management switch, seeing Brian Little being tempted to take over Aston Villa. Mark McGhee was brought in to take the project on, without being able to save the club from relegation.

So to sack the manager is the only and obvious reason for a relegation, those who have other thoughts, needs to learn their stats better and of course owners and chairmen need a much clever business plan to stay up, not blame it on the manager, who has in real nothing to do with this at all. That is why most of them are employed at a new club faster than lightening.

Little or no football knowledge will see you go for the manager, instead of looking at yourself and see where you are heading. Almost all sacked managers are almost instantly walking into a new top job.

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