Leicester to be part of massive superclub merger and non transfer policy act, Forest, Villa and Wolves are others as talks progress

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Leicester are far in talks, behind closed doors, regarding a massive merger with a number of Midland rivals. No Midland club are at the moment involved in Europe and it looks difficult going forward.

This is a special merger that of course will bring different questions to be asked regarding colours, ground, fanbase and more.

The only way to compete with the top clubs is to build a superclub in the Midlands area, says a spokesman, and to bring all Midland fans together. Major questions to be asked, what will be the name of the club, where will the games be played, and what will be the club colours.

We have seen how Leicester are struggling to keep floating, selling their best players, season in and season out. Next summer they will have to see players leave for free and not get anything back from massive signings done in the past.

Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest are both winners of the European Cup, and should get a top voice. The fact that Leicester are fairly current winners of PL and FA Cup, makes them also powerfull. Wolves do have a fantastic past and did once have Billy Wright as captain, so of course, great importance.

This merger will first be tested among the women teams as they are far from level in competition with those top clubs of Manchester, London and Liverpool.

If this happens, only the mens first teams will be part of the merger, as the U.21’s and acadmey teams will be playing under the current structure, supporting the superclub with recruitment.

This club will also be part of the new “non transfer policy act” that will stop them from buying and selling players, as they will force forward such a rule to avoid humans form being bought and sold.

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