Brendan Rodgers looks forward as his next chapter in football could be close as options are considered

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In football you can see changes being made to try to get a reaction and not based on a total view of a job done. To flirt with relegation is nothing you should do if you like to survive in football management, whoever you are.

Leicester sacked Claude Puel, Craig Shakespeare and Claudio Ranieri, to get out of a difficult circle and they managed to stay alive and keep their position in Premier League. This is a well known formula, but can also fail, as most clubs being relegated also makes this move to try to achieve the opposite.

TCF believe in other methods of bringing results long term and this decision was far from what was expected. Nottingham Forest and West Ham are the only two clubs in the relegation fight that has kept faith in their manager, and over time that has been the best formula for survival.

We do believe Brendan Rodgers will not be out of the game for long as he will be a candidate soon for many interesting jobs coming up. His achievements with Leicester will count well for him when his next job comes along.

Brendan Rodgers made a statement today via LMA, that shows that he still has grand ambitions in the game, and will most certainly land a major job, moving on for a bigger project than Leicester ever will be.

Leicester will have to trust Mike Stowell and Adam Sadler short term as they are trying to help out in an interim period.

At this point there are no clear candidates neither in a temporary role or someone to take the job long term. With only 10 games left, and a relegation battle on, it could look difficult, but hopefully it will be turned around.

Looking in the mirror and base news on what the bookies say, might be a bit too eager, as well as listening to all different pundits showing their knowing, you will of course end up with a long list of candidates.

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