A massive 2-1 win vs. Reading takes Leicester above relegation with Liverpool coming next as preperations are on

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The game vs. Reading was a move in the right direction for Leicester. Winning at home at this crucial time of the season and climbing out of the bottom position must a massive boost for coach Willie Kirk and his team.

Goals from Samantha Tierney and Carrie Anne Jones made it possible, and to get the winning goal far into stoppage time in the 2nd half makes it one special as the can give the needed injection for the rest of the season.

To keep the place in the division and again building it all step by step is the motivation. This is also a very important project and looking at a total in perspective the womens game in this age and time will give it all a grand perspective.

Next up is a game vs. Liverpool as far forward as the 29th of April, with the game vs. Chelsea on the 23rd postponed.

The team do have a good group of players with international experience and of course the edition Bayern Munich goalkeeper Janina Leitzig has seen an improvement needed.

Leicester have a strict plan on how to get this project forward and it is to build up a culture of quality enough to be an established part of the top division and to bring in talent as it appear a good match.

For the full stats and analytics from the game, enter here

You can always follow up on all players and games from our season update, and be sure to get every info on the team, squad and management.

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