Martin O’Neill down to 6/1 and likely taking with him Roy Keane as other former Leicester men could be considered in key roles

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Martin O’Neill is down to 6/1 on a recent odds update at, as we also mentioned him in the early hours after Brendan Rodgers left. Roy Keane could also be part of MON’s team with former Leicester men Steve Guppy and Tony Loughlan names that could be considered.

We all know what Roy Keane would bring to the table and how he can just turn up and of course tell our midfielders how to act when it comes to passing and keeping their team in balance.

Guppy has a past at Leicester as a player in two periods, from 1997 to 2001, and later coming back for a short reunion in 2004 . Guppy has appeared under O’Neill in many several periods both as a player and coach.

Tony Loughlan is another name possible to include as the former Leicester academy coach also has a past working with Roy Keane at Sunderland. He also worked for several seasons as assistant manager under Sean Dyche at Burnley.

Martin O’Neill would inject instant respect and his working philosophy is far from outdated. He was in charge of Ireland from 2013 to 2018, and later had a short stay with Forest. His time at Forest was surprisingly cut short ending 9th in the Championship, and since done a lot of football punditry.

This appointment, if it happens, will devide the fanbase, and at this moment certain areas describe this as a strange and utterly stupid approach, silly talk and click bite material. But at this moment, looking at the situation the club are in, manager candidates with more options and a recent sacking history, would probably avoid a move to a club in severe problems both financialy and from a sporting point of view.

Brendan Rodgers looks as the best option for this position at this point, when you start to consider what is available, but comparing MON to the present two in charge, Stowell and Sadler, his candidature would be one highly to consider.

MON is a clever man with people and he knows how to run his management team and build a good founding for a winning formula. Despite having recenlty turned 71, he still looks lively and in shape to take this position. If he saves Leicester from relegation, he will again become a hero at the club, if he fails, it will not be anything to worry about as his time in management might be over anyway.

To use his former period as an excuse for not taking up the role at this point, should not be anything to worry about, as it will damage his reputation at all, what happened more than 20 years ago, has little or no impact, what so ever, on his reputation and should not be anything to worry about.

This could be a job MON would consider and bringing with him Keane, Guppy or Loughlan, it might be a group of people that have a grand knowledge and a nice mix of qualities that could work well under his guidence. MON will let Keane do the work he should be occupied with and lead him by example, no worries, as this could be a chance to good to turn down.

At present MON is one of very few to be seen as a candidate to come in on a temporary basis and take the job on for a new season if he keeps the club in the division. This would be an appointment with no big risk for any of the parties, as for other candidates suggested, they would probably not risk their future on 8 to 9 games and would also have a problem to bring with them their own picked staff on such a short notice.

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