Big Sam is now the rising candidate as MON fades out and Jesse March goes top, who will be the next manager at Leicester?

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There are no news from the club regarding a new manager either as a temporary appointment or one coming in long term. Martin O’Neill grabbed the headlines yesterday as his name was suggested from several sources, today no news on him at all and it has all faded out as a rumour.

Today “The Insider” brings a story forward regarding Sam Allardyce and him becoming a likely short term candidate, one also mentioned among the people TCF believe could be interested in the role on a temporary basis.

What is certain is the fact that Adam Sadler and Mike Stowell are taking charge also for the game vs. Bournemouth. Leicester will then have 8 games left of the season and very little time for an interim manager to do much work.

Leicester will have to trust the duo in charge and also the experienced group of players, hopefully able to turn thing around on their own as no new man looks to be brought in before Saturday.

Robbie Savage has his own idea on what would fit Leicester long and short term, saying the same as TCF have done that Martin O’Neill would be a good man on temporary basis, with Graham Potter being the favourite long term.

This is not a case of what Leicester in real want instead of Brendan Rodgers, it is a question of what is available and who wants to come either short term or long term.

Nothing in the story regarding Sam Allardyce, says anything about him being keen on a short term deal at Leicester as he is most certainly not a long term choice.

Jesse March is today the talking point, as Rafa is said to demand too much regarding payments and contract length. .


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