Out of the blue came Claudio Ranieri, who can it be now as Leicester should turn to Wes Morgan or Craig Shakespeare

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Wes Morgan was recently back at the club, showing up as a man of hope for the Leicester Women team, and his presence must have paid off, as the girls went on to win their game.

His status at Leicester is known and at this time he could be “the help” Adam Sadler and Mike Stowell needs as they take this project on, wherever it will be going.

At this time none of them looks comfortable as the managment team needs support. Wes Morgan is a name that has turned up here and there to come in and give a helping hand, get the crowd behind the team as he could lift spirit.

Craig Shakespeare could also be one to turn to for an alternative return, hopefully still have a relation that can be build on, despite being sacked at Leicester before. Craig was recently seen at the FA Cup game between Walsall and Leicester at The Bescott. His past as a player for Walsall and long term relationship with Leicester is probably grounded and emotional.

These are people with a life at the club in the recent past and as we have seen in talks, such a thought could be on for at least rest of the season, as the group are going forward.

Alternatives must be looked at as we in the next week surely must see some type of change. The thought of having Sadler and Stowell in charge without any type of support from a sporting point of view looks impossible.

Hopefully some sort of turn or twist must be done and with people having a feeling for the club. To bring in any short term man from outside looks more and more as a wanishing idea.


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