Tattoos, snuff and strange habits among footballers as Leicester should and must take a stand in these moral questions

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We have seen in the recent past that a culture for tattooing yourself are growing in society, and along comes the use of snuff, and if you look at the corelation between the two habits, you will find a major percentage.

Looking at the players of Leicester and their recent visit to the academy at the club, what are the signals they are bringing as models for the youngest players?

In Germany studies have taken place regarding tattoos and what it does to your body, when you inject ink into it. Tattoo inks historically were made from ground up minerals and carbon found in the natural environment, but most modern tattoos often contain modern industrial metallic salts (eg oxides, selenides, sulphides), vegetable based pigments and plastic based pigments.

In Italy one club that set moral standards was Monza. This is an interesting study as it all comes down to discipline and the act of moral. Monza was in Serie C in Italian football when the standards were set, regarding certain rules. Monza has taken steps in recent seasons and are now fighiting in the top tier, Serie A.

China as a nation has banned tattoes for players in the national team, as they need to either hide them or get them removed all together, and if those rules would have taken place for Leicester, they would have been in trouble getting a team on the field. The question is, why do you want to ink yourself?

Regarding snus, no one should use it, and we all know that Jamie Vardy in the past has been seen with the substance. The fact that clubs use massive amount of money on players and are looking after the players health, you would in real be shocked to see this snus use among footballers. Man City has been guiding their players regarding snus, and should never be among footballers, and if so, not be something brought on the next generation of talents.

We all know that a great number of the greatest players on this planet were heavy smokers, some drug addicts, and others heavy drinkers, but most were not. All of this will of course, here and now, in itself, not kill your skills, but it did not do the opposite either, and as milk and sugar, are not related to football.

To see players using snus before, during and after games should not at all be allowed and banned from all Premier League arenas. Shocking to see this and again not good for football as they need to build a belief in the game going forward, without having snus and tattoo marks all over it.

So far no club has said anything about it, and it is a major shame to see, instead building up on it, as we could see when Harry Souttar joined Leicester, as his leg tattoo became a heavy signal on who was coming into the club, for most just a fun fact, but for others just a shame to watch.

Martin Ødegaard and Erling Haaland are both players taking their steps in the game, and hopefully they will continue to progress without snus, tattoo’s, heavy drinking and drugs. It all comes down to dedication and commitment a bit of moral and of course understanding how you should give signals to your environment.


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