Former fox describes how Leicester lost their football DNA and to understand the life of a professional footballer

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Watching Leicester for the last 50 years or so, you have a picture of what this club is all about, as the game has changed over time. So what is the DNA of this football club and how to define it.

Former fox Winston White was earlier in the year interviewed on a Leicester Till I Die show and his talk regarding his time at Leicester was interesting to learn. His reflections shows how footballers think themselves being part of a football club at a perticular time.

Listening in you get a lot of top quality talk and also fantastic insight into the life of a footballer, with Winston giving great answers to all his questions and also going in depth on several.

Of course a long time ago to talk of the Bloomfield era, but for most a period in Leicester history that made it very clear what type of football they played, what type of players they approaced and what type of style they were.

Leicester had build a style of concrete under Matt Gillies the years before, becoming a bit of a hybrid under Frank O’Farrell and when they returned to the top flight and Jimmy Bloomfield took over, players with a certain style and smile on their faces, bringing on some fantastic performances.

Winston White was a local player at the time and brought into this environment by Jimmy Bloomfield, becoming the clubs first black player to appear in the first team at league or cup level. His debut vs. Stoke was special as he also have gone on other shows to tell about that happening at Victoria Ground.

The fact that he became a bit on the fringe at Leicester made it clear that a move could be happening after being involved at the club during a time when management changes from Jimmy Bloomfield to Frank McLintock and on to Jock Wallace, never really made the best atmosphere for Winston to exhale and a move to Hereford came around.

He might be one player seen as a lost treasure, being able to keep it going in league football from 1976 to 1993, playing more than 500 league games for a number of clubs. He is seen as a legend at Hereford, Burnley and Bury where most of his years in the game.

He was at the club at a very special time in their history and from abroad you have of course always wanted the inside story of the siuation. Winston White went as far as saying that the DNA was lost, and in some way gives the end of the Bloomfield era a real momentum. This is also one actual situation at present as we all hope the club will manage to stay up, but in real a momentum is lost and you cannot really see the future clearly.

Often a DNA comes and goes with the manager in charge and how he decides to build his team, and what type of players you wuold like to bring in and at what risk level you will play and entertain. Winston White described himself as one that could have gelled nicely into the environment of Weller’s, Worthington’s and Birch’s.

Anyway listening to Winston White and his proud moments in the game, you all know how football can be of great importance and build your life, even out of the top flight limelight as you are a hero for fans of lower league clubs, fantastic.

Since leaving the game as a player he has taken a master’s degree in sports and had different jobs in the game, and at present, living in US Florida, of course occupied with “soccer”.


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