Southampton relegated and could be followed by Leicester with nothing else than a win vs. Liverpool seen as acceptable

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Former Leicester player Martin Keown has labeled the clubs season a disgrace, and in all fearness, with the money spend and the squad of players available, we could not agree more.

With Forest and Leeds results today and Everton winning their match away to Brighton, anything but a win can be acceptable at home to Liverpool on Monday.

Watching Leicester at Craven Cottage vs. Fulham gave no answers to how the game on Monday can end up as a win, but still every match lives their own lives. Over the years we have seen Leicester wins vs. Liverpool at home, and of course listening to Harvey Barnes, he knows how it can be done.

The crucial points are of course how the team is set up and how players respond to the ideas of Dean Smith and his coaching staff. The battling ability might be what is missing the most and of course coming to terms with letting in goals and not being able to keep a clean sheet.

Liverpool are currently chasing a Champions League place and looks better at the moment with a season seen as difficult and far from expecations with no chance of competing for a league title in this campaign.

Leicester are 2nd to bottom with only Southampton behind them as they did face relegation today after a 2-0 defeat at home to Fulham. Saints season ends with games against Brighton away and Liverpool at home.

Leicester do still have everything in their own hands. Liverpool on Monday looks as a must win, but it could all go on until the very end at home vs. West Ham. Leicester also have an away game vs. Newcastle in between, before we know if a life in Premier League will be possible also next season.


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