WSC breaks special Frank Worthington silk shirt story as silence is golden for Leicester’s 23/24 kit launch

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Keeping with tradition, Leicester debuted their new 2023-24 home kit in the final game of the season, at home against West Ham. Leicester ended up getting relegated despite a 2-1 win and will therefore wear the new kit in next season’s Championship.

The Adidas Leicester City 23-24 home shirt introduces a clean design based on the new Adidas template.

Predominantly blue, the Adidas Leicester City 23-24 jersey features white accents in the form of the collar and 3 Stripes on the shoulders. The lateral stripes are golden.

Two details reveal that the Adidas Leicester 23-24 home football shirt was designed exclusively for the English club: the upper back features a white outlined fox head and a subtle jacquard pattern featuring the same motif covers the front and sleeves.

TCF believe this kit is in a good place, taking back the original badge, having it all in full blue. You can of course get a full view of comments on Foxes Talk, most are negative, not really into the golden stuff, and we can agree, Leicester are blue and white. But still seen worse.

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From the past we have had a number of great Leicester home kits, and of course for me the Admiral one was sensational, looking at it in perspective, at the time fantastic, today a memory from the past.

One story from the days of Frank Worthington recently on print in a WSC magazine, is a special and one that I had not heard before. A young boy meets the Leicester kit man, when on visit to the club with his father. Back then shirts were back then a seldom fan experience as they were not on sale and just what players wear on the matchday, but this time around something special happened.

The kitman, the boy and his father had their round around Filbert Street, coming into the dressing room were all the different kits were hanging. The kitman said to the boy, you can have one of the jerseys, but not number 9, that one belong to Frank Worthington and it’s made of silk, the rest are polyester.

We all know Frank Worthington and his love for Elvis Presley, and often probably using silk shirts when dressed up for a party, but that he had Leicester kits in silk, is a new story, and probably worth a fortune if someone can get one of the originals as it never became a belonging of the kid


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