Potter out, Smith in? enough is enough, please get the manager situation settled as fast as possible

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There are several candidates listed for the job, but no one ticks more boxes than Dean Smith at the moment. Graham Potter was lined up as first choice in April, and also this time, but said to have turned down Leicester for the second time, to wait for other possible options to appear.

Dean Smith should be approached as fast as possible to get the new season under controll and to let him sit and wait for another manager to come in, looks very risky.

Looking at the job done by Smith and his assistants Shakespeare and Terry, they were close to achieve the goal of staying up, but failed heavily against Fulham, but still showed enough to be considered long term.

This cannot drag out much longer and looking at the situation and with Mr. Potter out of the picture, and no other candidate looking as a grand alternative and what we believe need to be sorted before the season kicks off, we ceratainly hope this will be the solution.

His work at Brentford and Aston Villa, as well as what he did at Leicester during his 8 games in charge, shows that he has a chance to take Leicester back up.


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