Tielemans new plan with Villa move confirmed as Leicester looks blown and totally bewildered

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As we reported yesterday, Tielemans has agreed to join Villa, which of course is a massive surprise as his goal was to play in Champions League and be part of a club that pushed for the major trophies.

This also tells a story of a player that probably had no better option after the Leicester relegation. He might have gone with the idea that Villa could be the next step and from here get a move to the bigger and better.

This must have taken Leicester by surprise as they tried to tie Tielemans down to a long term contract which was turned down. Villa must have had a softer approach and of course given a sign on fee and a possible chance to join someone else, if some big guns comes in for him at a later point.

What Leicester had to offer when they came forward with a contract proposal, might have been without such possibilities and not based on the fact that Leicester was not big or major enough.

Leicester had just finished 5th in Premier League and won the FA Cup with Tielemans scoring the goal in the final vs. Chelsea. To get him on the hook for a long term deal would probably be the ideal timing, but still the club could not tie him down or get him to accept.

Looking at this in the back mirror, you start to wonder what has happened at the club over the last two years and how players such as James Maddison and Caglar Soyuncu also have rejected new contract offers.

From sources who have negotiated with Leicester in the past, they are said to be “difficult” and to see the club relegated and not being able even to compete with clubs that were below us in standard and current season achievements makes this move look strange.


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