Brendan Rodgers returns to Celtic on a long term deal as mixed feelings comes to surface

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Brendan Rodgers is back at Celtic, taking over from Ange Postecoglou who we all know joined Tottenham. Rodgers left Celtic for Leicester to annoy their fans as a storm of reactions came to the surface.

A return will of course be with mixed emotions for both parties, but the Celtic way should suit Brendan Rodgers perfectly as they will be a leading party in their division and in that way play on terms with his preferred philosophy.

He had doubts about playing counter attacking football, something he did at times with Leicester, but reluctantly wanted to change it back as soon as he felt it was possible, but still missing a lot of points and also bring Jamie Vardy’s attributes as a player in doubt, despite ending as a clubs top goalscorer and even Premier League top score under the management of Brendan Rodgers.

Looking back at the times of Brendan Rodgers at Leicester, he had his very good moments and came close even to bring home a European trophy reaching the semi-final of the Conference League.

This season he made a number of strange decisions, and looked out of reach of handling the squad situation at the club and also not really having the correct blend getting too many injuries on key players, not really seeing his struggles as the turned up in heavy numbers.

His ability to coach in transition and bringing a new team to the table became a task too difficult leaving Leicester in a sort of mess, with so many contracts coming to the end at the same time as well not being able to convince key players to have belief in his project as they wanted moves away, instead of putting pen to paper on long term contracts on offer.

We do believe that Celtic fans should take Brendan Rodgers back with open arms as his ability to coach a team in possession and having the upper hand in games is his best assets as a coach and manager. He is also clever to see talent and hopefully having help being able to attract the talent he likes, as well as bringing on young players from the acadmy.

Good luck to Brendan Rodgers as a new advnture up north can bring his management life back on track, still yonung and promising, turning 50 years of age this year, and looking at it and the men working in this trade, he should a lot of years left in the game of football management.


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