Agreement in place with Spurs as move for midfielder looks done and becomes an iconic historical event

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Leicester looks close to an agreement with Spurs regarding the transfer of James Maddison. Maddison will be the first transfer of a player directly from Leicester to Spurs, as this has never happened before.

This move could trigger a snowball effect regarding a number of deals connected to Leicester drawn up in the next days as we have seen a number of more or less done deals drawn up.

By many a surprise that James Maddison made a decision to join Spurs, but again looking at it long term you have a deal that looks good for both parties.

The fact that Leicester needs to be more pragmatic regarding sales of players and work on establishing a system that will not set the club in a problematic situation is what counts going forward.

Tottenham are believed to be paying a fee of £40million and far from the asking price of £65million, but again who would be able to pay these type of fees for a player, very, very few.

New Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou also have a job on his hands to try to keep Harry Kane at the club as that might have been a trigger getting James Maddison to sign.

Newcastle had an interest early on and several sources believed James Maddison would make a move to a Champions League qualified club, but has decided on a deal with Spurs instead, ending 8th last season.

Harry Winks looks to be part of the deal and brought to Leicester for a fee of only £10million, which in a way could see this deal in another perspective.

Looking back we have not been able to find any sales of players to Spurs from Leicester in the history of the two clubs excistence, which in a way looks surprising, with Spurs being founded in 1882 and Leicester in 1884.

A number of players have been on the move from Spurs to Leicester and more are listed with the two clubs during their career, to find out, look up our in both camps update.


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