Interesting and funny looking back as Leicester fans living in Scandinavia gets lovely and exciting message

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Leicester fans living in Scandinavia will with the Foxes Hub launch be able to watch every single minute of action next season, as all other games, going live on Sky Sports will be available from the Viasat platform, as we were afraid of missing those other games, but with this new solution it looks solved.

To see that we also can get the opportunity to watch all games on Saturday at 16, our time, with the best commentaries, is of course, fantastic. We surely love listen to Matt Elliott, Matty Fryatt or other previous Leicester players in the studio, as they give good and correct insight about all the relevant topics, with their own natural interest in following up.

Since Leicester returned to Premier League nine years ago, to be a fan from Scandinavia has been fantastic with the coverage we’ve had, as more or less all games have been available from the channels having the rights to show these games.

Living in Scandinavia makes it easier probably as our coverage of English football is massive, as a tradition for over 50 years, we have seen games live all the time, but of course back in the early days of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s we did not always have Leicester as the live covered team, but whenever Weller’s, Worthington’s and Shilton’s were shown it was a special day and major happening for us following The Foxes.

The Foxes Hub surely looks a good supplement to the Viasat coverage, and as it seems becoming a top quality addition to get the full picture.

As a member of the Scandinavian fanbase, we have several hilarious stories of the following of fellow supporters and how they kept themselves up to date with the daily life of the football club.

Since the internet came around and we got access to the BBC Radio Leicester broadcasts and also having the chance to log on to the official website, with LCFC being foresight in their use of digital platforms being a good and relevant source for information from the days of MON and his special team 25 years ago.

Before that you had people having subscriptions to Leicester Mercury, getting the daily news posted a day or two after. Once on a visit to Leicester, got a question from a clerk about one supporter that used to call the Leicester switchboard every Saturday after the game to get a report from the lady taking the phone. They wondered why the bloke had stopped calling after 20 years or so, as they missed his phone calls. Looking him up and asked him, he said; “have the internet now, no need to call long distance anymore”.

Another hilarous story from the past, is one about a Leicester fan back in Norway, working as a air traffic controller, keeping a plane in the air, as he was waiting for the final result from a Leicester game, before the plane was taken safely down.

As a fan living in Scandinavia, love to see the club looking at us as important, as this new solution will of course be something to look forward to.


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