Leicester have launched their home and away kit with tradition taken care of, what comes next as we yet have seen the third

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The new away kit 23/24 was launched yesterday, and this one takes us all back to the beginning. Leicester Fosse, was the founding name of the club back in 1884. The clubs first kit had a blue ribbon on a black top, white shorts and black stockings.

The first kit was after two seasons replaced with a top of brown and blue and the first time Leicester had their home shirt in all blue, white shorts and blue stockings was from 1899 to 1900. They changed the kit back and forward in different colours of blue and white, even having a red top as their home shirt, but from 1921 they kept their tradition of a blue top.

This is a nice kit, keeping the tradition as well as being original, and hopefully tradition can be kept as we do like this kit as one special. We did see a similiar kit of this type, being used in the 2003/04 season, and also having these colours in 2010/11, but since had a lot of other colours in use.

We have said it all the time that the away kit and third kit colours should be as holy as the first kit, as it will always be building bonds and be seen as an important trademark, colours are massive identifacators and tradition should not be faulted.

Leicester have as all other clubs in english football juggled their away and third colours so much that you cannot really identify yourself with them, hopefully we will see a change and just make face lifts or slight changes to the kit in other ways than taking away the best coluours.

The first kit is and should always be a blue top, white shorts and blue stockings, being able to use blue shorts and white stockings when needed as that could appear as necessary when colours colide with the opponent.

The away kit in our view should be all white, and the third kit being this one, black with a blue ribbon, black shorts and black stockings.


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