Leicester squad update, Goalkeepers, Hermansen to be number one, Stolarczyk number two as the rest is guesswork

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Kasper Schmeichel was a first choice for a decade and Leicester had no issue for this position for years, seeing the dane progress season for season both at the club and at international level. Brendan Rodgers must have underestimated the importance of Schmeichel when he let him leave, with a year left on his contract, to join Nice for just £1million. A shame and a massive error looking at it in the back mirror.

Mads Hermansen was earlier in the summer signed from Brondby to be that first choice goalkeeper at the club, showing in the game vs. Liverpool that he can be trusted with his footwork being at a different level than Ward and Iversen. He looks to have it in him to be a long term candidate and surely a starter in the opening game of the season.

Daniel Iversen and Danny Ward are both on long term deals at the club. Ward has a deal that will expire in June 2025, Iversen have the same date on his, so the two men are both looking for a number one spot, but will likely be far from that. Iversen (26) has in the past been mostly on loan while on the books at Leicester, playing for Preston, OH Leuven, Rotherham and Oldham.

Stoke is said to have an interest in Iversen, but Leicester rate him to £5million, and that might scare of most clubs, as that price looks a bit heavy, but hopefully there will be an agreement and Leicester should sell as they have other options to turn to if Hermansen gets injured or in anyway cannot play.

Jakub Stolarczyk has a grand future, still only 22 and on a deal that expires in June 2026. He has shown his worth out on loan being at Dunfirmline, Fleetwood and Hartlepool, and done well. He looks to be the goalkeeper to cover for Hermansen, as he was the preferred player before the arrival of the Dane.

Danny Ward, seen as Wales number one, and to be honest feel for the guy, brought to the club for £12million in 2018, and not been given his full senior league debut before last season, with Schmeichel being so solid. The 30 year old was seen as the successor, but in some way, he misused every chance of establishing himself in the team. He played from the start of last season, but too many faults and errors made Brendan Rodgers uncertain and replaced him with Daniel Iversen, who also was the one interim manager Dean Smith gave the gloves.

Alex Smithies was signed last summer to be that third goalkeeper in the squad, but so far not been involved in pre-season, so to see him leave would not be a surprise, but at present the goalkeeper situation is a bit difficult to predict, but a certain first choice looks to be in place with Mads Hermansen.

TCF would go for two goalkeepers in the squad and just having a third alternative among the players in the U.21 set up to call on if injury apparead. At this point we could see Daniel Iversen leave as Mads Hermansen arrived, but Leicester must reduce their demanding price, if not they will be stuck with Iversen.

A goalkeeper exit plan is needed, to have five on board looks strange, and the ideal scenario is to get three of them out, and then have Odunce and Young as a third back up, as they both are capable of being just that.

GOALKEEPERS: Mads Hermansen, Jacub Stolarczyk


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