Leicester again nursing forward a full international as thoughts of Duncan Edwards makes him close to a full England debut

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Callum Doyle (19) made his move to Leicester this summer and his performances so far are sensational. His calm and ability to adjust his play to different approaches from manager Enzo Maresca makes this young man an ideal squad player in the making for Gareth Southgate.

We will soon see Callum Doyle taking his next steps on the international schene, not yet being capped at England U.21 level, but still could take the jump straight into the full squad very soon.

He has gone in the best school of football, and as a 17 year old being drafted into the U.23 set up under Enzo Maresca at Man City, as they do see his qualities, being mature and very composed in his play. He is not getting every headline, but still one player a manager would pick first in his line-up.

To be left footed and have the ability to slot in and out of defensive jobs with such ease is something you seldom see, sadly Pep knows everything and have his eyes on the talent, as a certain Duncan Edwards comes to mind.

Man City is cleverly building up this massive talent of a player, as Callum Doyle has taken his steps on special Wembley performances, winning promotion with Sunderland in a League One play off, Coventry play-off defeat in Championship battle and this season with a grand start winning all three games played. Doyle has played every minute of those three performances.

To make a comparision to Duncan Edwards is a tall order, Callum Doyle a bit taller than Edwards, both left footed, well build and real athletes. Edwards could play in different positions, back in his days, mostly used in a left half position. We will just wait and see, but if Doyle’s progress continues and Leicester moves forward and progress to a safe promotion position early on, Southgate will get his reports.

We have seen Ben Chilwell and Luke Thomas playing in the left back position, both taking steps on the international schene while at Leicester, Thomas winning the U.21 Euro’s this summer and Ben Chilwell making his full England debut as a Leicester player. Those two are more left flank alternatives in a back four or a midfield of five, with Doyle showing qualities we have not seen in a Leicester team before.

Callum Doyle got a lot of praise for his play at Sunderland and Coventry and so far he looks fantastic, as a player to fill a role in the Enzoball project. Gareth Southgate possibly need a few more games to watch him before he makes a decision, but Callum Doyle is a raw diamond, one to watch.


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