Leicester’s The Place, Life of Martin, O’Neill in unique and special talk with Gerry Taggart and Matt Elliott

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Martin O’Neill was the guest in the last episode of LCFC podcast, Leicester’s The Place. MON is at present working as a pundit for several sources such as Sky Sports and Talk Sport, here up at Burton Albion in a group of very special selection of people, Wes Morgan and Nigel Clough also there, bringing it all together.

Martin O’Neill, we all know, had a difficult start to his time as manager at Leicester, not getting the best of treatment in his first months at the club, but managed to turn it around with a number of shrewd signings and some good results, ending in a promotion after play-off’s in his first season in charge.

From that time on, taking Leicester back into the Premier League, it all became a grand period of Leicester City winning the EFL Cup twice, reaching the final three times, as well as having several top 10 finishes in Premier League establishing a team that could compete at the very highest level.

Gerry Taggart and Matt Elliott are two players that had their best time in football under Martin O’Neill as their manager, and they were told stories on how they both was recruited by Leicester, and especially Matt Elliott was told how he was watched both at Scunthorpe and Oxford, before he did sign for Leicester.

Martin O’Neill also gave insight in the decision of leaving Leicester, but with a switch we had no idea about, with a special bond to Celtic being given the key reason for that move to happen, and also given the Emile Heskey move as a reason that could have tipped the decision, but as Martin O’Neill said, done is done, those days are gone.

The transfers done by Martin O’Neill were mostly excellent work, bringing in Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage, Muzzy Izzet, Steve Claridge, Lee Marshall, Spencer Prior and Kasey Keller, later seeing brilliant additions in Steve Guppy and Matt Elliott as well as Gerry Taggart and what could have been if Stan Collymore had got more time under the legendary manager.

Lovely to watch and listen to as all those memories are well kept, both watching from over the sea and being present at games “live”, home and away.

Martin O’Neill was earlier this year linked with a return to management at Leicester, taking on the caretaker job at the club, but it was Dean Smith that was hired, and no talk of that, but still wondering what MON could have achieved, given the chance over the interim period, we will never know and it was not mentioned by in the show.


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