A tragedy but still very convenient as Leicester looks to Stoke

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Enzo Maresca and his Leicester team went on a league record ride yesterday, making it 9 wins out of 10, going back top of the Championship table.

There are so many positives to count from this last game vs Preston, and having Kelechi Iheanacho as a sub is in real a tragedy for the player himself, but of course a plus for the manager.

TCF values Iheanacho, Vardy and Daka as the three best attacking players at the club at present, all of them capable of playing in a trio up front; but still not seen them together. At least would like to see two of them together with another flank alternative used alongside them.

Good to see new recruits coming through but to use both Iheanacho and Vardy in the starting line-up is a must. Looking at the movement yesterday, Iheanacho are all over and not a static forward, he can play from the flank as well as being the top man up front. This is also the case for Jamie Vardy.

We do believe that with Iheanacho and Vardy both on the field at the same time, the number of goals will be increased, looking at their goalscoring stats.

Kelechi Iheanacho played on the flank for Nigeria in their last international, and his pace, how he takes on opponent defenders and his eagerness as well as a nose for goals, should see him start and getting a new role in the team as the movement shows what he can be for Leicester.

Vardy would also benefit, as his play at times becomes static with traditional wingers alongside him. Fatawu and Mavididi works mostly down the line, and it all becomes predictable

Leicester also had a better balance when Yunus and Albrighton came on, but they are still not as blistering as Kelechi Iheanacho.

Next up is Stoke, with a new challenge, trying to get goals on board earlier, as the massive pressure Leicester put on opponents, must be used in the most important way, scoring goals.

A run for Kelechi Iheanacho and Jamie Vardy together will give more goals and both will benefit from such a partnership, seeing the team more fluid and in movement. You can then play Fatawu, Mavididi, Yunus, Marcal or Albrighton on the opposite flank, getting a different type of player alongside the goalscorers. Daka is also of course an alternative, but we would see a traditional flank man as the best alternative alongside Vardy and iheanacho.

We have seen Enzo doing surprising moves in the past as we believe there will be changes to the starting eleven on Saturday. We could see a trio in the back, Vestergaard returning, and playing alongside Coady and Faes. Choudhury getting a spot in midfield, leaving Justin and Pereira out. Yunus and Iheanacho getting a starting position, resting Fatawu and Mavididi.

We will see what happens, but this would have been an interesting line-up.


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