The Cunning Fox was launched at the very first time as far back as 1999. It started out as a small tribute to my favorite football club Leicester City.

In early 2000, “The Cunning Fox” became the official site for Leicester City Supporters Club Scandinavian Branch.

The site grew and became very popular as it was written in English.  This also led to growth in traffic.

The website was earlier seen at the domain norfox.net, but when splitting from the Scandinavian Branch in 2014, it was moved to filbertway.com.

We follow up on Leicester City stories and topics without filter, but depend on good sources and would like to be seen as serious and quality.

We write about what we feel and like. Support is 100% genuine and has been so since 1972.

We can reach views from 10 000 to 100 000 a week, depending on the amount of articles written.

You will find our articles published on a number of portals and news sites, such as News Now and Google News.

To get in touch, the best way is via e-mail, info@filbertway.com

Site History,

  • 1999, Launched
  • 2000, Establishing the domain, norfox.net
  • 2000, Joining LCSCSB
  • 2000, Facelift – The White Pages
  • 2001, Getting noticed by Leicester Mercury
  • 2001, Joining News Now
  • 2004, Major facelift, Frontpage Publishing
  • 2014, Leaving LCSCSB
  • 2014, Establishing the domain, filbertway.com
  • 2018, Major facelift, WordPress Publishing

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