Leicester far below Napoli in a club global rating, will this be vital when the two meets for the first time in their clubs history

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Leicester will play Napoli at home in their first Europa League fixture of the season. In a club global rating, Leicester are far behind Napoli, but will this be a key factor when the game kicks off.

Looklng at the stats from previous seasons and measuring those key facts in a rating system might give you an indication but we believe in any way that Leicester must go out not as an underdog but put pressure on Napoli from start as they try to win this game at home.

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Looking further at the stats, you will see that Leicester are 7th among English clubs with Man City, top of the total list, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal still above, based on previous results, and other criterias, going back five to six years.

The game on Thursday will of course be of great importance in the ranking system and to get as many points as possible in Europa League games makes you climb in this special list.

To see Leicester as high as they are in the ranking might have been a far dream going back with the club a few years ago in the 3rd tier of English football.

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We do hope that the European campaign will kick of with a grand opener and that Leicester can defeat Napoli at home and close the gap of positions between the two clubs also in this rating.

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Napoli will not be the easiest of tests, starting with three straight wins in Serie A coming against Venezia, Genoa and in their last fixture a strong 2-1 victory v. Juventus.


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