Leicester never better than their best player Jamie Vardy, Emile Heskey, Gary Lineker, Frank Worthington and Gordon Banks

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Jamie Vardy was back up front vs. Burnley midweek and his presence shows how important he is and why Leicester have no answer when he is absent.

This has also been a factor of the past as we have seen great decline after departures of previous stars such as Emile Heskey, Gary Lineker, Frank Worthington and Gordon Banks.

These five players represent their own unique era in this clubs history and without them it was obvious that the team did not function as well as they did with them.

Gordon Banks might have come to a certain age, but the fact that a proven goalkeeper was sold to Stoke to let an 18 year old Peter Shilton get his gloves, cannot be seen as nothing else than a risky affair as the next two seasons did see decline and relegation.

Leicester did gain promotion again and stayed up in their first season with a bit of a struggle, signed Frank Worthington and with him establishing one of the most entertaining football teams ever seen in the blue shirts.

Frank Worthington left the club in 1977 and after being a pivotal player and also making his England debut at the club, he was badly missed and a relegation was again what happened, with him being the most important player and no hope for a good enough replacement at that time.

Leicester never managed to get a momentum in the top flight again before Gary Lineker started to score goals and also as Banks and Worthington becoming an England full international while at the club. The fact that he moved on and signed for Everton in 1985.

The next season did see a club fighting and surviving but in the next it was not possible to cope without Lineker’s goalscoring abilities and the players brought in never managed to replace the forward as Leicester again faced relegation.

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A little and the clubs first ever Premier League adventure was a short return to the top flight in 1994-95, but without any England internationals and a young Emile Heskey making his first team debut late in that season, he was not as prepared as in the next season becoming more and more important.

Martin O’Neill had his best player in Emile Heskey and his form for Leicester resulted in an England call up and him as the other pivotal players before him, settled a steady perfomance in the top flight with his important presence.

We have over the last years seen how important Jamie Vardy has been and his presence is very similar to the great players before him and without them struggles are immence. Jamie Vardy has just turned 35 and what this team achieve without him is sad reading.

Leicester managers of the past has not managed to bring stabilty to their teams after and without their best and most important player, hopefully Brendan Rodgers can be able to get this club on the right track even without his most important man as Jamie Vardy’s time on top level cannot go on forever.


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