Pundits a joke as they fall in the obvious trap not showing all Premier League clubs the respect they deserve

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Paul Merson, Gary Neville and Roy Keane are the three that gets most headlines as they are free speach in media. Their words are often rubish and self centered as they do look at everything in perspective created from their life as players at their only love.

Paul Merson talks about Arsenal, Gary Neville on Man Utd. Roy Keane is throwing his words around as they came out of a dragons mouth.

Growing up with football in the 70’s you had no such talk at all. Clubs such as QPR, Wolves, Coventry, Forest, Leicester and several others were respected and seen as equal and no pundits had anything to say as they did not have a place in football.

A commentator had to be neutral and comment on the game as it lived it’s own life and no one said that QPR, Ipswich or Leicester could not be up there competing.

Of course they are major clubs The Arsenal and The Man Utd, but please balance everyhing and not just focus on your own teams negatives and positives.

Please show everyone competing in the same league some respect and not just tout about how good or bad Man Utd or Arsenal have been when playing against an opponent that seldom gets any attention from Neville or Merson.

Remember when Leicester were above everyone, all of the best players were suddenly linked with almost every other club seen bigger and major. Chelsea made the clever act of getting N’Golo Kantè to jump ship, it ruined Leicester and made Claudio Ranieri a clown.

Why are players doing this, because repeating the word top six, top four or whatever makes it a gap that will not be reduced with Merson, Keane and Neville as they are talking on about Arsenal and Man Utd.

They should be taken of the air and possibly getting other pundits in which are not that attached to certain clubs as it influence the reports made and also building an image along that will take to players as they are told by media that they are playing for teams of no interest.

Loved the old presenters as they just reported on what was going on and had no special love for any of the teams or made a point out if it, all the time. Brian Moore was one wonderful commentator. Managers and players were often in the studio, no old men who had left the game years ago.


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