Leicester fanbase are they any good as the team performances were better behind closed doors and no fans in the stadium

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Looking at the Leicester fanbase from distance you start to wonder if they are really needed. Leicester played some of their best football behind closed doors ending 5th in 2019/20 and 2020/21. Since the return of fans the team have struggled and not really performed as well as they should

To be a faithful fan of a football club do come with some set of standards. Leicester fans and their abvivalent behaviour will only put the team under pressure in the wrong way as a few defeats makes a toxic atmosphere and it surely affect players and manager.

Most fans have no idea of what it is like to play in front of a crowd who would rather watch something else or just want to go to the ground to start their booing, trying to destroy every hope of a win.

The energy will often be gone if fans do not act with attentions to support the team but instead when chips are down trying to bring on some sort of negative behaviour.

Martin O’Neill is an obvious example, as his first days at Leicester became extremely difficult with results going against him in the start and the fan base made no secret about what their thoughts were.

Claude Puel also got a lot of stick as he became extremely unpopular and was almost hunted. Claudio Ranieri was given no credit from fans and owners. Ranieri had track on a Champions League final.

We feel that the Leicester fan base in all looks a bit naive, have to take a reality check and start acting like they support the club. Looking at all the negativity on Foxes Talk is just a massive embarrassment.

If you believe that negativity and harassment makes a positive change then time is up, sadly fans cannot be sacked, but please use your time instead on picking strawberries or watering your neighbours flowers, walk your dog if you have one.


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