Leicester 0, Man City 1, positives and negatives, player ratings, and match report, FA Premier League fixture

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One of the most difficult fixtures this season, and to see Leicester being very competitive in this game gives hope of a very good season, with two danes in good form. Kasper and Jannik did great.

First half was a bit of an even affair with Man City having a bit more possession as they struggled to get through a Leicester defensive wall with Jannik Vestergaard being good and solid in his first game from start.

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Going into the second half Leicester made a great start first seeing Harvey Barnes hitting the bar with his header and just a few minutes after in the 49th, Jamie Vardy had a goal correctly disalowed. But it certainly gave hope of more attacks coming.

Man City kept their momentum and do have a better base of play than Leicester and with a certain Jack Grealish in the team they never stopped being a treath.

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We did not really understand why Jannik Vestergaard, the best player on the field, was taken off, and giving Jonny Evans a really tough season first game test, looked strange to take the Dane off and using the as an excuse for maybe losing a point in this crucial fixture.

Just a few minutes for Jonny Evans had entered the field and everything looked a bit unorganized in the back, Bernardo Silva found the goal, and suddenly Leicester were 1-0 down.

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Brendan Rodgers tried to solve his struggle with two more changes bringing on Kelechi Iheanacho and Ademola Lookman, both having a type of impact that should certainly have been rewarded with a goal with Lookman having two massive chances to score, but has not yet shown that clinical goalscoring ability in his Premier League career.

Man City goalkeeper Ederson had a number of good saves, helping to his team win, but again the pressure Leicester put on the Brazilian shows that this club can go places this season.

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Leicester tried their best during 90 minutes but against maybe one of the best teams in club football you have to be clinical and very consentrated, but we had slip ups and a few players not really into the job against such a grand football team.

Not any room for Patson Daka and Baubo Soumare in this game shows that it is a massive competition for places, there were no part to take for Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall either, but again if Vestergaard was fresh and not having any injury prolbems then to make that change Rodgers did, could have cost points this evening.

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Wolves and Norwich, both seen as most wins, and looking fresh and up to it against Man City with that West Ham game destroyed with the massive mistake done by Ayoze Perez, makes this a sort of a mix start.

Leicester will play Napoli in their first Europa League fixture next week and hopefully we will see the same attitude and progress.

  • Positives
    • Jannik Vestergaard made a major impact
    • Kasper Schmeichel solid performance
    • Lookman with promising debut
    • A strong team performance and close to a draw
  • Negatives:
    • Brendan Rodgers taking off Jannik Vestergaard
    • Bringing on Jonny Evans after a long time out in such a difficult game
    • Caglar Soyuncu getting a new stupid yellow
    • Albrighton and Maddison not really in the game and struggling
    • Tielemans and Ndidi must step up huge in these type of games

Player Ratings: Schmeichel 7, Castagne 6, Vestergaard 7, Soyuncu 6, Bertrand 6, Maddison 5, Nididi 6, Tielemans 6, Barnes 6, Vardy 6, Albrighton 5, Subs: Evans, Lookman, Iheanacho

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  • Leicester City, Man of the Match
    • Jannik Vestergaard

Match Stats (H/A):

  • Possession: 39 / 61
  • Corners: 5 / 8
  • Shots on target: 1 / 8
  • Fouls: 4 / 11

Norwich 1, Leicester 2, positives and negatives, player ratings, and match report, FA Premier League fixture

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Still on the road and this time away to Norwich. Ayoze Perez out and one change from start with Marc Albrighton taking his place and what a great change it turned out to be in the end.

Leicester were positive first half and with a line-up in perfect balance and with Albrighton giving the team something else as we did see a team of positivity and an attacking approach.

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After just eight minutes it was time for the first goal of the game, with Ricardo Pereira setting up Jamie Vardy perfectly with his accurate pass and a clinical finish from JV made it 1-0 early on.

Leicester struggled a bit not really able to play on that first goal and probably the fact that Ricardo Pereira had to leave the field with an injury might be a key reason for that as Timothy Castagne had to come on and had to adapt fast and after a long period out using a bit of time to finding his way.

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Caglar Soyuncu made a number of remarkable mistakes, first a pass directly into the feet of the opponent and later tackling inside the penalty area, resulting in a Norwich penalty given. Pukki made not mistake from the penaly spot and a bit sad to see the sign with 1-1 at half time.

Leicester came out second half with a positive attitude and had a number of chances to score but it wasn’t before the 76th minute that the goal appeared with a great shot from Marc Albrighton. Wonderful to see that happen as this became a perfect return and giving MA a great return making his first appearance so far in Premier League this season.

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Just minutes later Leicester had a great chance to score with Kelechi Iheanacho, Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and Jamie Vardy combining well, but the shot of Kelechi never hit the goal.

Dewsbury-Hall made his full league debut today and great to see him getting minutes. a raw talent that hopefully will be great for the club years going forward.

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Daka and Soumare had to wait for minutes as both were left on the bench, Bertrand and Vestergaard were not included in the squad and hopefully Pereira can get back fast as the team need their depth.

With five minutes extra it was a bit of a mess at times in front of the Leicester goal even Norwich goalkeeper Tim Krul took his trip up the field to participate in the final minutes but it was good to see that nothing changed as Leicester picked up their second win this season and their first away.

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Norwich had a VAR incidents towards the end, a goal dissalowed for offside, as nothing changed.

Leicester will go into the international break now, playing Man City in their next game coming up at the 11th of September. Harvey Barnes and James Maddison were not selected for England and will stay at home and train. Luke Thomas will be with the England U.21’s, and a number of those other internationals will be in action for their nations..

You should never complain and always be positve with a win and we are, but again a bit of a struggle to get something and what we have seen v. Wolves, West Ham and Norwich is a team that on a difficult day can fall or stay fighting for all points.

  • Positives
    • Jamie Vardy scoring a screamer
    • Pereira injured early on, hopefully he soon will recover.
    • Getting 3 points on a difficult day
    • Dewsbuy-Hall getting his league debut with Leicester
    • Fighting spirit, just brilliant to see the team neve giving up
    • Albrighton match winner, great shot
  • Negatives:
    • Ricardo Pereira injury
    • Caglar Soyuncu doing silly mistakes and bringing in an element of uncertainty with his play

Player Ratings: Schmeichel 6, Pereira, Amartey 7, Soyuncu 5, Thomas 6, Maddison 6, Nididi 6, Tielemans 6, Barnes 6, Vardy 7, Albrighton 7, Subs: Castagne 6, Iheanacho, Dewsbury-Hall

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  • Leicester City, Man of the Match
    • Marc Albrighton

Match Stats (H/A):

  • Possession: 45 / 55
  • Corners: 14 / 9
  • Shots on target: 4 / 3
  • Fouls: 8 / 9

West Ham 4, Leicester 1, positives and negatives, player ratings, and match report, FA Premier League fixture

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Always difficult to go down to London and play West Ham and on a Monday they are even more difficult as their stats are ugly to look at from a Leicester point of view, and with the track record Leicester have on the same day, then you could have gone home before the game started.

Leicester started positivily but when Fornals found the net after 26 minutes with a great goal and one touch play, this looked difficult as Leicester with a bit of possession never managed to get anything happening in front of goal and shorts were either blocked or going wide.

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The game went a bit left and right with a lot going on in the middle and then to see Ayoze Perez doing what he is doing after 40 minutes, you start to wonder if this is really happening, it was so idiotic totally out of order and why do something like that, it’s madness.

Leicester were reduced to ten and then you know all of this would be very, very difficult.

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Coming out second half a bit hope was there, but with a stupid mistake again happening, and this time Caglar Soyuncu doing totally strange backpass and again a new and hopeless pass which gave West Ham the opportunity to score even more, 2-0 up and this was really finished.

But then with 21 minutes left Youri Tielemans managed to get one back with a couple of tries and getting it over the line and again giving Leicester hope for a draw, which would have been a lot to ask for considering this performance.

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When the hope was there, we got a knock from Michail Antonio showing his great strength hammering the ball over the line and just showing his hulk presence, a real good striker a bit old school, but great to watch even when you are following the opposition.

Soumare and Daka both came on, as well as Iheanacho but instead of being a better side everything collapsed as West Ham managed to score a fourth, and again it was Antonio hammering the ball over the line.

This was a step in the wrong direction, but to be honest, seeing that very deserved red card in a crazy tackle by Ayoze Perez you just start to feel sick, because it’s just a rubbish decision by the player to go all in and stamp a player that way, there are no words to describe such an action, just awful.

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Ok so Brendan Rodgers cannot play the same team in the next game with Perez out, but this will and should pave the way for Marc Albrighton who in my view should be given that starting position, he has a good foot and one we need to serve Jamie Vardy or Harvey Barnes with his clever passes.

Next up is Norwich away and that will be a bit of a banana skin with The Canaries not yet any points, but of course playing Liverpool and Man City in the first two will not give you much.

  • Positives
    • Kasper Schmeichel making a number of brilliant saves
    • Youri Tielemans scoring a goal
    • Daka debut
  • Negatives:
    • James Maddison, he looked fatigue and not interested
    • No energy, it looked pale
    • Ayoze Perez, what a joke, this is not acceptable, no way

Player Ratings: Schmeichel 6, Pereira 5, Amartey 5, Soyuncu 4, Thomas 5, Maddison 4, Nididi 6, Tielemans 6, Barnes 5, Vardy 5, Perez 3, Subs: Iheanacho, Daka, Soumare

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  • Leicester City, Man of the Match
    • Kasper Schmeichel

Match Stats (H/A):

  • Possession: 53 / 47
  • Corners: 10 / 0
  • Shots on target: 7 / 1
  • Fouls: 8 / 8

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