Former Liverpool and Leicester City star tells his story, a must read!

The book of Emile Heskey, his biography “Even Heskey Scored” is out now, don’t miss this one from one of the best Leicester City footballers of all time. A key and pinnacle in the sides of Martin O’Neill, winning the EFL Cup twice and also doing top 10 performances in the Premier League.

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Emile is often back at Leicester City and has taken an ambassador role at the club. His presence for his team and the way he emerged from a young talent to a full blooded English international during his days at the club makes you just smile and think of how great players can become by being with this club from an early age.

He is often seen at King Power and as showing support for his club, the people and of course being among those giving his condolences last year to Leicester City owner Vichai. Emile was also one of a group of former players to donate a big share to keep Leicester City floating back in the days of administration and heavy financial difficulties.

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You will find the same route and pattern of Emile Heskey in the careers of Gordon Banks, Peter Shilton and Gary Lineker all adding up severe amount of England caps and playing in the World Cup, while coming into the limelight of football and making their full international debuts as Leicester City players.

Emile, played in all those finals and great games under MON, but most fans just remember the goals of Steve Claridge, the point marking by Pontus Kamark and those two great goals from Matt Elliott, all going down as “focus” of those moments.

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That night in September 2001, when England hammered Germany 5-1 in Munich, Emile Heskey was among the most influential players. This was a World Cup qualifier and in front of 63,000 spectators, Emile scored the final goal, also got booked by one of the finest referees in the game, Pierluigi Collina, and being a “monster” up front as the German players just couldn’t stop him.

The England team that night was a settled group, all players in the starting in the starting line-up coming from Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, expect for one, Rio Ferdinand, who at that time represented Leeds United. A funny fact was that Germany took the lead after six minutes from a Carsten Jancker goal, the rest is history.

Emile was picked for the 2002 and 2010 World Cup’s, and added up 62 full caps all together, scoring only 7 goals, but as he titled his book, “Even Heskey Scored”.

A career not only at Liverpool and Leicester City, but also playing for Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa, to Australia and Newcastle Jets, and back again finishing it all at Bolton Wanderers late in his 30’s. To stay on in professional game for 22 years is a great achievement in it self, playing a total of more than 600 league games in English football, makes you a legend wherever you go.

In the book you of course get the obvious talk about racism and also Emile got affected by this as so many other colored have in the past. He reflects on this as he tells his story.

A book for the collector and those who really likes a story of those great days and him playing alongside and against some of the best players the World has ever seen in a decade of great games and fantastic talent.

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