Confirmed £80million transfer could see sensational moves for Leicester City and Manchester United

The transfer saga regarding Harry Maguire looks to continue as nothing is yet confirmed officially. But this looks as a close deal soon to go through. The move could then inject a number of very special happenings that again could kick start a number of special deals.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could finance the Maguire deal with a sale of Romelu Lukaku to Inter, who again could let Ivan Perisic leave and join Leicester City. Perisic is keen on a move to the Premier League and at the age of 30, still a player with a lot to offer.

TCF would personally hope that St Etienne or any other club is willing to go all in and sign Papy Mendy who is more suited for a top team in another league and hopefully can gain interest after a relatively good previous season at Leicester City. This could bring in more cash and hopefully see more signings done by Brendan Rodgers.

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Hoffenheim midfielder Nadiem Amiri is linked with a move and if Brendan Rodgers can be able to bring in the German U.21 international, he might be doing the best business in football this summer. This is a “player in the making” in the same age group as James Maddison, Wilfred Ndidi, Youri Tielemans and Hamza Choudhury, building up a solid base of midfielders able to circulate wide and in the central as midfield and forward play is gelling much more these days.

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Recent talk about Gareth Bale and a possible switch to Leicester City, talked up as a loan deal, could of course be an interesting move, but as days are passing, Zinedine Zidane looks more happy with a Bale sale. Leicester City could be one of few clubs to fund such a move if they ship out Harry Maguire, and with a certain “Andy King” marketing Leicester City and still looks like a man for the squad, could this be possible, would say no, but again nothing surprises TCF anymore.

China is an option for Bale, but that would proably be the end to a possible return to a top 10 Premier League club in the future. Bale (30) could have a few more good seasons left, but “buring out” in China, would not suit his future.

The fact that Brendan Rodgers believe that he has the options needed in defense makes it fun to see all of these offensive creativity linked with Leicester City.

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Why Leicester will win this transfer race, Arsenal, Man Utd and Spurs cannot compete with the same guarantee

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English pundits are often out talking up the top six clubs and believe they can attract players just because they have a certain badge. That is no longer the situation, and players are out to play football, not sit in the stands, or on the bench.

After watching how players like Alexis Sanchez, Danny Drinkwater and Riyad Mahrez have been treated at their current “top six clubs” those playing well in teams below will of course watch and see what can happen.

A move to a new club, after doing well somewhere else is a huge risk and you can end up in the stands or as best on the bench. Youri Tielemans is in great form at the moment playing in a team where he is perfect, getting the support he needs from Wilfred Ndidi and today against Arsenal also getting defensive cover from Hamza Choudhury.

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Tielemans is perfect for Leicester, and this young man knows that. He is a player that would probably drown at Man Utd, with a Paul Pogba doing this job and Tielemans would be a cover, why should Man Utd sign him, he is the one doing the creative job at Leicester, so no, Man Utd will probably not go for Tielemans.

Leicester also at the moment have Adrien Silva at Monaco, and his presence there is pleasing the club and fans. He is totally different type of player than Tielemans and the loan swop has worked well in both camps.

Both parties are interested in doing this deal, and we believe that Tottenham, Man Utd or Arsenal will not use £40 million on a player they don’t really have a plan for. Youri Tielemans is young guy, who had problems with adapting to the role he was given at Monaco and he never really played well. At Leicester he has slotted in perfectly in a role similar to the one he had at Anderlecht.

His presence at Leicester is fantastic, and the way Tielemans celebrates after scoring the first goal against Arsenal shows that he has deep belief in the project going on at King Power at the moment, with the belief that Brendan Rodgers can really challenge the top six next season.

A lot of the players at Leicester are very young, blended with a few experienced characters and with another season together they will be a handfull and probably be a better team all together than the one winning the league title a few years back.

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We would be very surprised to see Tielemans joining Arsenal, Tottenham or Man Utd with the players they have at their disposal in the role of Tielemans, and cannot really see a picture of those clubs paying such a fee for one they would probably see as a random used player.

Tielemans “consultants” would advice a player of his young age to play football week in and week out in the best league in the World, in his preferred position at a club were everyone loves him and believe in him, than risk another move to a “bigger” club that will not hand him the chances needed.

TCF believe that the move for Tielemans will be completed by Leicester as soon as an agreement is made with Adrien Silva and that a swop will be happening with both parties getting what they want.

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