A coach of excellence, will he be able to help Puel as he has assisted Shakespeare, Ranieri and Pearson

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Often when a team is doing well there are people working a bit away from cameras and the spotlight and not really being seen. They could have a big part to play in the jigsaw under a manager.

At Leicester City we have not really seen any steps backwards and the club is constantly moving forward, despite seeing the league positions lower than a couple of years ago. One reason for that is the role of Adam Sadler. The former AZ Alkmaar and Newcastle United coach who joined Leicester City in 2014.

Sadler (38) has worked closely with the men in charge since joining four years ago. Puel made changes to his coaching team over the summer, sadly to see good people leave, but always that makes it possible for others to step up.

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Sadler came to Leicester City under the time Nigel Pearson was in charge. NP wanted a person with “coaching abilities” to go out on the road and report on the next opponent and get the key data on the importance in that analysis.

Sadler started his coaching career at the age of 20 and has since been working at several clubs and describes himself as one “in love with the game”, “in love with coaching” and again always trying to improve the playing style, and try to bring as much enthusiasm as possible into the sessions to keep players sharp and happy during training.

The playing style in the Championship, when winning the the league and getting promotion were slightly different from the one that made Leicester a Premier League winning team. But the skills to perform are the same, players might change but in a way Sadler has gone almost full circle, seeing a possession orintated team, training for that in mind, to be super counterattacking and now slightly trying to combine both styles in a way that could see City “fly again”.

The team under Puel, played great football at  Old Trafford, keeping possession and rolling up attacks, but as we could see against Wolves, and of course losing Jamie Vardy being red carded was an important factor, in a game where City were forced to defend and have the ball less than the opponent.

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Sadler who is now in a different role and got this chance in the summer, when changes were done in the staff. Nice to see that a “homegrown” coach has an important role to play around a team led by a French manager and assistant.

Previously known as a tactical analyst at Leicester City, he is now back on the grass, and his skills as a coach is known well abroad. Adam Sadler worked abroad in Holland over a period of time and has learned the way of playing that type of football and do the correct coaching to get it on board.

In a description of Adam, he is seen as a coach who are constantly trying to get the players better in whatever role he has had, and that he does his job with a clear strategy, vision and always have a purpose with the job done.

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