The tragedy, the spirit and the emotions, fanstalk tells a greatly respected story

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During a game you are 100 % focused on the result and the performance out on the field, but after you start to reflect on different aspects regarding the tragedy, how the players are coping and how management prepare players in such a difficult time, the respect is absolute.

After almost a week in England watching Leicester City home and away, and also meeting fans from other clubs, and fellow fans from abroad flying in from different countries, you get the idea of how this movement is really going forward like an express train towards their final destination.

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First of all, getting four points from two games is always good, and to see Leicester City go six games now without a defeat is impressive under these very special circumstances. The spirit looks good and criticism is not something the players need at the moment.

If you follow Leicester City closely you are always having the right answer, knowing what to do, and really giving your ideas the power it should have, solidly and bold statements of all your special thoughts. During this time, the Leicester City players must really be seen as fantastic human beings coping so professionally well with their feelings and emotions and managing to keep a clear distance to this tragic incident, that in fact must have shocked them all.

The most experienced players, Wes Morgan, Kasper Schmeichel and Jamie Vardy are the trio that might be under pressure, and their critics are many, but at this point, they are real heroes with relatively good performances and showing everyone how professional they are. In a very young squad as Leicester City have, those three players are the most important at the moment, keeping the total group together.

Talking to a number of Leicester City fans after the game against Fulham, they were pleased to have been able to sing the Ranieri song, and it was echoed back from the Fulham fans, that was awesome and what fan chanting is all about. The loudness of the Leicester City fans against Fulham was also great, watching from the mixed zone at the stadium. Leicester City fans also said they were impressed how well the players and also the club in itself have managed to go forward under such difficult circumstances.

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“Landing” in London on Tuesday, we decided to go and watch West Ham v. Cardiff, and we were among West Ham fans before the game. We met up with some of the Hammers fans in a pub, and when they were told we were following Leicester City, they said they were heavily impressed by the City owners and how they really cared for their fans and hoped someday that everyone would be like them, really standing up for the people that care about them, and what they had seen afterwards with all the flowers and everything, made them all understand how a greatly loved owners could be. Not really something seen at many major clubs these days.

This was great to hear inside a hard core West Ham pub before an important home game. So for those who are still not satisfied with Leicester City performances and just are here in the moment, we need all of us to look at other factors during this season that really matters.

Keep the strong momentum going, and hopefully the plan of picking points short term will not harm Puel’s long term ambition. A complex matter to solve, but we hope we can see the finished article somewhere in the short term future.




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