20 best Leicester City transfer deals in modern history, who are they?

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The transfer circus will again start in January, with continues rumors out there already. Players are linked and agents are talking their players up. The greatest place to be is of course Premier League, and signing for a club there could be a blessing,

But as we all know especially as Leicester City fans, transfers are risky and money well spent is not always the fact, so who are really the best players signed and for the money they did, here are our top 20 in our selection.

Difficult to compare all moves and how they rates together, we could just say that all these 20 moves are just fantastic and worked out far above expectations and when players left they had evolved and the price had just gone up in the roof, compared to what was paid in the first place.

The one that stands out as the ultimate one, is of course Riyad Mahrez, who in a way is the fairytale example of a player signed from Le Havre for less than half a million and moved on for a fee multiplied with 120, to get to the fee Man City paid for him.

Danny Drinkwater and N’Golo Kantè are other great examples of fantastic business and how Chelsea paid through the roof to get their hands on players who really carved out their path to the top with Leicester City.

Kasper Schmeichel is another player that still is with Leicester City and him together with Jamie Vardy were signed for just around £1million and today their worth 40 times more in an inflated transfer market that has reached heights we never thought was possible.

Among the players who are at Leicester City et the moment, Wes Morgan, Shinji Okazaki, Demarai Gray, James Maddison, Wilfred Ndidi and Harry Maguire are also regarded highly and seen as great signings worth every single penny of their contribution to the club.

If you look at the past, players such as Allan Clarke, Alan Smith and Gary McAllister are great examples of both being key players and at the same time great cash cows when they left for Leeds and Arsenal.

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Martin O’Neill build his team around former underachievers at Premier League clubs such as Matt Elliott, Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage and Muzzy Izzet. Elliott left Charlton and played for a long period of time at level three and four, the same happened to Savage and Lennon, both being picked up by Crewe Alexandria who is known for caring talent and sell them on. Izzet never appeared in the first team at Chelsea, but to date the only player, besides Gordon Banks, to pick up, as a Leicester City player, World Cup honors winning bronze with Turkey.

Speaking about Gordon Banks, of course a fantastic signing back in “the early days”, with a cost of only £7,500, evolving into the greatest goalkeeper in the World and winning both domestic honors and the World Cup with England.

Jimmy Bloomfield might be the manager that masterminded his transfer dealings in the best way ever seen, as he was in a very difficult situation and had to sell his best players and then buy at another shelf, and his business was magnificent.

The way he lured Frank Worthington and Keith Weller to Leicester City, also not to forget Jon Sammels, Alan Birchenall and Mark Wallington, who all became great players at Filbert Street. The move for Dennis Rofe also worked wonders, brining him from his former club Leyton Orient. Bloomfields act in finding the right blend and mix in an entertaining way looks great when you start to rate the buys and different transfers.

Other great signings not making the list are players such as Steve Guppy and Kasey Keller. Tim Flowers and Ian Walker are two other goalkeepers who also signed for Leicester City and became good value for money, the same can be said about Frank Sinclair and Mike Newell.

Under you have the list of those we rate among the 20 best!

  • Top 20 Leicester City transfer deals, players coming in
    • Riyad Mahrez, Le Havre, £0,4million, Nigel Pearson
    • Jamie Vardy, Fleetwood, £1million, Nigel Pearson
    • Kasper Schmeichel, Leeds, £1,5million, Svennis
    • Danny Drinkwater, Man Utd, £1million, Nigel Pearson
    • Harry Maguire, Hull City, £12million, Craig Shakespeare
    • Keith Weller, Chelsea, £0,1 million, Jimmy Bloomfield
    • Frank Worthington, Huddersfield, £0,1 million, Jimmy Bloomfield
    • Allan Clarke, Fulham, £0,15 million, Matt Gillies
    • Matt Elliott, Oxford United, £1,6million, Martin O’Neill
    • Muzzy Izzet, Chelsea, £0,75million, Martin O’Neill
    • Neil Lennon, Crewe, £0,75million, Martin O’Neill
    • Robbie Savage, Crewe, £0,4million, Martin O’Neill
    • Wilfred Ndidi, Genk, £17million, Claudio Ranieri
    • N’Golo Kantè, £5million, Claudio Ranieri
    • Gordon Banks, £0,007, Matt Gillies
    • Wes Morgan, £1million, Nigel Pearson
    • Gary McAllister, £0,125 million, Gordon Milne
    • Alan Smith, £0,02million, Jock Wallace
    • James Maddison, £22million, Claude Puel
    • Demarai Gray, £3,5million, Claudio Ranieri

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