Allo, Allo, Puel out brigade!, any suggestions, or please stay at home

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To see the signs Puel Out! inside the ground during a game is really tragic and it will never settle players and especially when those names coming up are “not happening”, you start to wonder if these fans can’t find a new hobby.

If you are settled with a top half finish, as so many of these fans are speaking about, and you like to see your team to go a few rounds in the cups, and maybe again have a shot on Europe, you should not moan and starting a Puel out campaign, that is stupid.

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Some of these people wanted to chop the head of Ranieri as well, and they got their reward. To see business owners just chopping people’s heads of when the chips are down for a few games, is tragic and destroying.

Fans comes in all colours and forms and you cannot really generalize and that is good, but in a way the footballing family, those who are part of the professional game, those playing, those coaching and those managing teams are just used as tools, and of course paid money both ways, when doing the job and getting their compensations when sacked.

Owners acts on fans, and to get a “toxic” atmosphere inside a stadium is the worst feeling ever for an owner, he wants people to be entertained and especially at home you would like to see a win and at least a draw. To go home after a loss at King Power is awful, but please see behind the results, and not just act on the last game played.

The Puel out brigade should just stay at home instead of bringing their voice to the ground in front of the games, that only helps the opposition and why should you give your support to the away team when you are a Leicester City fan, strange and hopeless.

Arsenal fans did it, so has Manchester United fans done, and they are just where they were and will probably not get any closer. Arsenal lost to West Ham this afternoon, against a sacked Premier League winning manager. Tottenham outplayed Manchester United, despite getting defeated. Solskjær will certainly have to find other tools in the box to get closer to the top.

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Puel is at the moment doing a great job, he has been unlucky in the last games, not able to convert with possession in a way you have never seen before. The away form is top six quality and hopefully those negative fans of Leicester City can be quiet until the end of the season, because Leicester City with a “toxic” atmosphere at home is not helping anyone, please behave and support, not be part of defeats and one of the reasons why results are not happening in the way you want.

Make a Facebook group or other social media groups to discuss your feelings and not go vocal towards players and manager who are just interested in your support, if you can’t give it, just stay silent and watch or as said above, stay away.

You have seldom no suggestions of names on new managers, and those suggested are just taken out of thin air and have no substance. Have seen a few names mentioned, old timers Lous Van Gaal and Sam Allardyce are rising to the sky as fantastic managers. Martin O’Neill is always coming into the poll and he is also in search of a job, maybe Tim Sherwood would have a try, and why not David Moyes, who knows. Claude Puel is doing great, and no one asks for more, maybe a 4th round FA Cup game, but what help is that.

FA Cup finals and Carabao Cups can fly into the ocean if we still can watch Leicester City in the Premier League. We are in January and just a few points from not having any fear about that, so why moan, why ask for the managers head. Can understand the frustration after losing against a number of teams who are below Leicester City level, but no one will chop the head of Pochettini, despite losing at home to Man Utd and Wolves in recent games.

Please see behind the results, make your statements after the season and lets support the players, the manager and give the owners a bit of rest. Show some respect and stay calm, or if you can’t support, stay at home.

Football is passion and of course everyone have to move on but to see this bullying of a manager just a few months after that tragic accident is sickening and it makes Tcf wonder what the perspective should be at a football club. It’s not the time to talk about anyone being sacked, still in a good position in the Premier League, please, please don’t throw it all away again.

Tcf was furious when Claudio Ranieri was sacked, no honor, no belief, nothing, just a few months after such a great season, terrible and horrible. Many of those wanting Puel out, wanted Ranieri out, but they were in favor of seeing him in bronze and as a statue. But for god sake, he is still in flesh and blood and is at Fulham at the moment.

Every game live their own life, and that has to be seen as just that, and everyone can be angry with a result, and recent results have been “not good enough”, but let it be, until the end of this season, please.

For the time being, some of these people could be available as managers in January, they are no longer acting in this show, but they were all great to watch.

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