Marcin Wasilewski, solid footballer and jazz pianist, two of a kind

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As a Leicester City fan we all know Marcin Wasilewski as the solid defender, the concrete defender, that never had any problems with a challenge and did what he could to help the club winning games.

He had a great season when Leicester City were promoted from the Championship, and also contributed further when back in the Premier League. He was there when Leicester lifted the Premier League title, but harshly not given a medal since he didn’t play enough games, but again for Tcf a worthy winner and part of the 5000/1 group.

The Krakow born defender returned to his home country after the 2016/17 season, and we all remember him waving goodbye to Leicester City fans and it all was a bit too much emotional for the “macho” man, who showed he had a soft side.

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Marcin Wasilewski is still playing to his best at home town club Wisla Krakow and has since joining them been part of a team fighting in the upper half of the table, ending 6th last season and now at this moment, 8th.

He has played 36 games in one and a half seasons and at the age of 38 in some way blossomed back home, and the former international with 60 caps for his country, is still countable.

Few might know that another Marcin Wasilewski, the jazz pianist, might be more known than the footballer, at lest world wide. These two are as far you can get, and the jazz pianist reminds me more of Leicester Mercury’s Sportswriter Rob Tanner.

In the Jazz world, and especially in the US, Marcin Wasilewski is more known for playing the piano, than to play football, what it is like in Poland, nut sure, probably even, but in Leicester there is now doubt, it must be the footballer.

A short story about Marcin Wasilewski, solid footballer and jazz pianist, two of a kind.





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