Brian Clough had a long stay at Leeds United compared to these three former Leicester City gentlemen

The talk of Brian Clough and his short stay at Leeds United, was not really anything compared to the experience of three former Leicester City men. 44 days was long compared to the four days Dave Bassett had at Crystal Palace back in 1984. Billy McKinlay was appointed manager at Watford in 2014, but after eight days he had to step down despite winning one and drawing another of his two games in charge.

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The third of the former Leicester City men, Micky Adams lasted only thirteen days at Swansea City leaving his job after disagreements regarding transfer funds, but wasn’t at all the shortest serving manager in the history of the Welsh club, with Kevin Cullis leaving after just eight days in the trade.

Lookng at former Leicester City managers, not counting caretakers of course, you have a few names on the agenda. During the years of Milan Mandaric and also in the presence you have short lived affairs, including Claudio Ranieri who just lasted 18 months, despite that heroics of a Premier League title during his short reign.

Dave Bassett had a short period in charge of Leicester City, but it lasted a few months before he was pushed up, as planned, giving Micky Adams the chance to take over. Adams resigned from his duties at Leicester City after almost 3,5 years with the club.

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Among those managers with the shortest service you find Frank McLintock, lasting only 10 months, only being in charge in the top flight relegation season 1977/78. A former club legend returned and experienced a nightmare during his short stay, seeing the club relegated after such a glorious period under Jimmy Bloomfield.

Mark McGhee jumped ship and joined Wolverhampton Wanderers after taking over in Premier League and going down, but as he left for Wolves, Leicester City were sitting on top of the 2nd tier, with them getting a promotion later that season via the play-off’s with Martin O’Neill.

Martin Allen was not a long lasting fellow either, being just four months in the chair, stepping down or getting sacked after a agent situation, regarding the signing of DJ Campbell. Allen had the job from May 2007 to August that same year.

The next man to be mentioned, Gary Megson, lasted only a month, getting a chance to join Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League, and not really honoring his contract at Leicester City, maybe with a clause to be able to leave if a Premier League club came in for him, strange to be able to leave after such a short while in charge.

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The next man appointed Ian Halloway also had a short spell, lasting on seven months, being the manager that eventually managed to take Leicester City down to their ever lowest point, playing in the 3rd tier, luckily getting quickly back up, winning the league and getting a straight promoting back to the top flight in 2009.

Then Leicester City started to look abroad with their next appointments, giving Portuguese Paulo Sousa just short of four months in charge before Milan Mandaric decided to replace him with Sven Goran Eriksson, who had the job for a year, not really taking the club anywhere with his rumbling and rambling, stepping down in October 2011.

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To see Claudio Ranieri losing his job after just nineteen months was a bit scary as you started to believe players and staff really didn’t see a future with the Italian. A decline just happened over night with a summer full of unrest and other clubs coming in to unsettle players, and seeing the likes of Jamie Vardy (Arsenal), N’Golo Kantè (Chelsea), Riyad Mahrez (Arsenal) and Kasper Schmeichel (Chelsea) being hunted like dogs, destroying atmosphere and belief over specutations, and of course the contract talks that started the rot with players showing their real face, as they benefited from those speculations and could get pay rises in a way that made them rethink and only N’Golo Kantè jumped ship.

After the sacking of Claudio, those replacing him had even shorter experiences of a life as manager of this club. Craig Shakespeare lasting nine months and Claude Puel being sacked after  sixteen months.

Short term management, Leicester City

  • 1 month
    • Gary Megson, resigned
  • 4 months
    • Martin Allen, sacked
    • Paulo Sousa, sacked
  • 7 months
    • Ian Holloway, sacked
    • Dave Bassett, stepping up
  • 9 months
    • Craig Shakespeare, sacked
  • 10 months
    • Frank McLintock, sacked
  • 12 months
    • Mark McGhee, resigned
    • Sven Goran Eriksson, sacked
  • 16 months
    • Claude Puel, sacked
  • 19 months
    • Claudio Ranieri, sacked

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